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by Dulles Moms | February 23, 2020 6:59 pm

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Headfirst Summer Camps’ goal is simple — to provide an environment of growth for kids through sports, fun, and play. Headfirst believes summer camp is a place for kids to try new things, stretch themselves, and test their limits. In fact, they aim to inspire each and every camper to push themselves just a little bit harder than they did the day before.

Does your child want to learn about Robotics, Urban Planning, Cooking, or Dinosaurs? Headfirst can help. Does your child want to do nothing but play sports and games all day? They’ve got a camp for that, too.

Their wide range of programs ensures there’s something for every kid. And with five campuses in the DMV, plus bus service at select locations, they’re convenient as well.

Summer 2020 camps include:

Junior Camp[3] | Rising PreK & Younger
Multiple dates, see below

For many Junior Campers, Headfirst is their first camp experience. So Headfirst goes above and beyond to make sure both campers and parents feel comfortable — from their friendly carpool drop off, to their daily blog updates and photos, to their highly-trained staff.

Headfirst works with teachers and child development experts to create a dynamic program that focuses on school readiness, emphasizing fine motor development, following multi-step directions, expanding expressive vocabulary, and promoting persistence, all while offering the best of summer camp! Your child will do everything from arts & crafts to STEM to instructional swim, as well as have the opportunity to make friends and learn skills to increase their independence.

Camp dates/themes include:

July 6-10, 2020 (Community Helpers)
July 13-17, 2020 (There’s Snow Place Like Camp)
July 20-24, 2020 (Headfirst Heroes)
July 27-31, 2020 (Welcome to CAMPelot)
Aug 3-7, 2020 (Pond Pals)

To learn more and register, click here[4].

Day Camp[5] | Rising K-1st
Multiple dates, see below

Headfirst believes summer is the perfect time for kids to try new things. And with a mix of art, sports, music, swimming, and STEM, this camp has it all!

Camp days are packed with games and activities designed to encourage kids to expand their comfort zones, embrace their newfound independence, and test their limits in a supportive environment. Campers will explore outer space with DIY jetpacks, build functional telescopes, devise their own superpowers, and work together to stop a runaway train.

Camp dates/themes include:

July 6-10, 2020 (All Paws on Deck)
July 13-17, 2020 (Fantastically Frozen)
July 20-24, 2020 (League of Extraordinary Campers)
July 27-31, 2020 (Campers of the Round Table)
Aug 3-7, 2020 (Wetland Wonders)

To learn more and register, click here[6].

Innovators Inc.[7] | Rising 2nd-3rd
Multiple dates, see below

Would your camper like to design their own city, craft a secret identity, run their own restaurant, or travel through history? Then you’ve come to the right place! Each week, campers are tasked with a unique theme-based challenge, in which they must learn as much as they can about the week’s topic and collaborate to find a solution.

All challenges combine elements of science, technology, and creative arts, with a healthy dose of teamwork. And because camp stories and themes change weekly, your camper can enjoy multiple sessions without ever doing the same thing twice.

Each week also includes a related field trip or expert workshop to help bring the theme to life, including Go Ape Zipline and Treetop Adventure, Zava Zone, The Smithsonian National Zoo, and Ocean Dunes Waterpark.

Camp dates/themes include:

July 6-10, 2020 (Where in the World is Headfirst Summer Camps?)
July 13-17, 2020 (Animal Advocates)
July 20-24, 2020 (Urban Architects)
July 27-31, 2020 (Global Games)
Aug 3-7, 2020 (Headfirst’s Got Talent)

To learn more and register, click here[8].

Multi-Sport I[9] | Rising K-1st
Multiple dates, see below

Skills, drills, and thrills! Campers will be introduced to a variety of court- and field-based sports, as well as recreational games and Campers’ Choice options, with an emphasis on teamwork, attitude, and healthy competition. Sports and activities run the gamut from soccer and flag football to frisbee golf and Supersonic.

Each week will also include a physical literacy component, with elements that will challenge and improve campers’ motor skills — such as running, jumping, catching, kicking, and throwing — and encourage each camper to focus on his or her personal best. This program is a great opportunity for younger campers to try a wide range of activities and discover their inner athlete.

Camp dates include:

July 6-10, 2020
July 13-17, 2020
July 20-24, 2020
July 27-31, 2020
Aug 3-7, 2020

To learn more and register, click here[10].

Multi-Sport II & III | Rising 2nd-5th
Multiple dates, see below

It’s a whole new ballgame this year! With a different mix of sports and games each week, as well as awesome options like Wacky Wednesday (human foosball!), Try-it Thursday (golf!), and Fantastic Friday (gomer ball!), the fun never stops for these campers. Headfirst has also added new features like Campers’ Choice activities and physical literacy challenges such as the 40-yard dash, push-ups, and obstacle jumps.

Level II and III groups will have an increased focus on skill development and be eligible to participate in tournament play on Fridays. Designed to be both fun and challenging for all skill levels and abilities, these camps emphasize teamwork, personal growth, and healthy competition.

Camp dates include:

July 6-10, 2020
July 13-17, 2020
July 20-24, 2020
July 27-31, 2020
Aug 3-7, 2020

To learn more and register about Multi-Sport II (Rising 2nd-3rd), click here[11].
To learn more and register about Multi-Sport III (Rising 4th-5th), click here[12].

STEM I, II, & III | Rising K-Rising 5th
Multiple dates, see below

Headfirst takes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to the moon and beyond! Campers will launch rockets, design water filtration systems, dust for fingerprints, code robots, and create their own video games with Hopscotch.

Each week of camp focuses on a specific topic, in which campers explore various projects and challenges, such as identifying inks and liquids left at a crime scene to finding out whodunit in Forensics. All locations enjoy water play and indoor/outdoor games each day, and any experiments that can be done outside will be — after all, it’s summer camp!

STEM I[13] | Rising K-1st
Camp dates/themes include:

July 6-10, 2020 (iPad Coding: Animation Studio)
July 13-17, 2020 (Un-Bee-Lievable Bees & Beautiful Butterflies)
July 20-24, 2020 (Space: The Headfirst Frontier)
July 27-31, 2020 (Case Crackers)
Aug 3-7, 2020 (Caves & Crystals)

To learn more and register, click here[14].

STEM II[15] | Rising 2nd-3rd
Camp dates/themes include:

July 6-10, 2020 (Set Sail!)
July 13-17, 2020 (Robotics with Dash, Dot, & Sphero + iPad Coding)
July 20-24, 2020 (LEGO Play-Well: Harry Potter Master Engineering)
July 27-31, 2020 (Culinary Concoctions)
Aug 3-7, 2020 (Planet Protectors)

To learn more and register, click here[16].

STEM III[17] | Rising 4th-5th
Camp dates/themes include:

July 6-10, 2020 (Robotics with Dash, Dot, & Sphero + Snap Circuits Light)
July 13-17, 2020 (Patent Pending)
July 20-24, 2020 (LEGO Play-Well: Harry Potter Master Engineering)
July 27-31, 2020 (Culinary Concoctions)

To learn more and register, click here[18].


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