Do You Have Cold “Spots” in Your Home?

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

With the chilly weather, I’ve noticed a lot of cold “spots” in our home. Do you have any tips on how to keep the cold out and the heat in?

Dear Dulles Mom,

Great question! This happens to many of us, no matter the age of our homes. Here are some quick tips:

Check to make sure no drafts are coming in from exterior doors.
If there are, you can purchase under-door draft stoppers (inexpensive) or research more permanent options such as these.

How old are your windows?
Unfortunately, older windows aren’t as effective as today’s more well-built brands. If you notice cold coming in via your windows, you can purchase inexpensive windowsill “snakes” or draft stoppers, or, look into these ideas. New windows are a costly endeavor but, in the long run, would help immensely with keeping the cold at bay.

Have you had your HVAC checked for efficiency?
It’s always good to check before the cold or hot months of the year, but it’s never too late to have a professional come out and give it a thorough going over to check for any issues with circulation.

Clean your air ducts.
The more build-up of debris in your air ducts, the more likely it is that heat will get trapped on its way to the vents in your rooms. Therefore, have a professional come and clean them.

We hope you are able to stay toasty during winter and save on heating costs!

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