2023 Home Maintenance Tips

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We all want to start the new year on the right foot, for ourselves and our homes. Here are some great tips from Forbes.com for starting 2023 off right:

1. Get rid of clutter and organize
2. Invest in upgrades
3. Commit to maintenance
4. Cut down on energy use
5. Focus on indoor air quality
6. Create a plan for…
7. Improve the …more
8. Design for …more

A few of Moss Building & Design’s favorites include:

Commit to Maintenance
If there’s something most homeowners neglect, it’s maintenance. Just as you set resolutions to exercise, set one to follow up on your home’s maintenance. Start the year by changing your HVAC filters, cleaning out your dryer lint ducts, checking your gutters, inspecting the water heater, inspecting the foundations for termites, and servicing your HVAC system. Go around the house and create a list of… MORE

Tackle One Major Home Improvement Project
Many homeowners are already planning home improvement projects for 2023. Whether it’s renovating their deck, focusing on landscape, or finally getting the bathroom oasis of their dreams, completing a project that will make living easier will always be worth it. If you have a project you’ve been dreaming of completing, use 2023 as the year to make it happen. Plan and… MORE

What are your plans for 2023?

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