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Dear Moss Building & Design,

We own an older home that could definitely use a facelift virtually everywhere. We’re not house flippers by any means, but we would like to prioritize a few projects that will really increase the value of our house down the line. What should we do?

Dear Dulles Mom,

You don’t need to be Chip and Joanna Gaines to really do your housework for you! And, you might be surprised by some of the types of projects that really get you the best return on your investment. Many people often think that kitchen and bathroom remodels are necessary to sell a home.

Sure, having a newly updated kitchen and bathroom definitely helps, but renovating those rooms can be some of the costlier remodeling projects to complete. We’ve compiled five of the more surprising, smaller projects you could tackle first. We’re sure they will help you enjoy the years you have left in your home and make it appealing to others looking in.

Replace Entryway Door
First impressions matter. Replace or repaint your front door, and don’t forget to upgrade the little things like any lighting along with your front entry or even the doorbell. These simple entryway updates will help give visitors and any potential buyers a positive impression from the start.

Outdoor Decks & Patios
Backyard spaces have one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to home projects. Plus, you can enjoy the additional outdoor space while you’re still living in the home. Just make sure to update stains and weatherproofing before selling to make the decks and patios look like new.

Invest in Infrastructure
Essential house items like a new roof, new siding, and well-sealed windows are all a part of keeping your house well-maintained as it ages. They’re also capital improvements people absolutely look for when purchasing a new home. Not only can these upgrades save you money on energy bills while you’re still living there, but they’ll help you show potential buyers in the future that the house has been well-maintained.

Bedroom Conversion
If you can’t afford an addition that actually adds square footage to your home, you might consider converting certain space in your home, like an attic or basement, into an extra bedroom. Adding a bedroom to your home’s listing inevitably bumps up its value and can make it more desirable for larger families.

Replace Garage Doors
Like the first impression your front door makes, garage doors can also give a home the “lift” it needs from the outside. Newer garage door models are often more weather resistant and quieter than older varieties, too.

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