Leesburg Animal Park (Leesburg, VA)

by Liz Jones | April 1, 2019 8:59 am

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Complete with a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals, reptiles, birds, and more, Leesburg Animal Park’s 21-acres offers plenty of up-close and personal animal experiences year-round!

At this family-owned and operated zoo, guests are invited to meet, pet, and hand-feed a variety of animal friends. Plus, don’t miss their indoor space, home to special events, exhibitions, a multi-level playground, animal residents, and more.

This summer brings kids the opportunity to enjoy a unique summer camp complete with feathered, scaled, and furry friends! Learn more about camps here[3].

2020 opportunities include:

Junior Zookeeper[4] | Ages 5-10 & 11-14
Multiple dates, see below

Do you have an animal lover at home? Would your child love to learn what goes on behind-the-scenes at animal parks and zoos? At Jr. Zookeeper camp, kids (divided by age) will help feed, groom, and clean up after animals at the Park, while learning about the responsibilities that come with caring for animals. Campers will prepare diets, give animals baths, learn about habitats, conservation, and much more. Leesburg Animal Park will include educational lessons presented by real animal Keepers, fun arts and crafts, and lots of time to play on the park grounds!

Ages 5-10
June 15-19, 2020
July 13-17, 2020
Aug 3-7, 2020

Ages 11-14
June 22-26, 2020
July 20-24, 2020
Aug 10-14, 2020

To learn more, click here[3].

Zookeeper For a Day/Survival Strategies[5] | Ages 5-14
Multiple dates, see below

If you an animal lover at home interested in finding out how all the different animals at a zoo survive, join Leesburg Animal Park for their 1-day Survival Strategies camp! Campers will explore the different ways animals survive and thrive, and compare those strategies to humans. Plus, building shelters, practicing first-aid skills, and competing in obstacle courses are just some of the fun campers will also have!

June 29, 2020
July 6, 2020
July 27, 2020
Aug 17, 2020
Aug 24, 2020

To learn more, click here[3].


(703) 433-0002


Facebook[7] | Twitter[8] | Instagram[9]


19246 James Monroe Hwy., Leesburg, VA 20175 (Map[10])

Loudoun County


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