An Interview with Lisa Hartman-Black

An Interview with Lisa Hartman-Black

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This February, Grammy Award winner Clint Black takes the stage at the DMV’s newest performance venue, Capital One Hall, with not only his singer-actress wife Lisa Hartman Black, but his talented daughter Lily Pearl Black, too!

Join them on February 5, 2022, for Clint Black featuring Lisa Hartman Black: Mostly Hits and The Mrs.

In celebration of this performance, had the special opportunity to ask Mrs. Hartman-Black a few questions (Jan 22, 2022):

Reflecting on your daughter Lily Pearl as a baby to her high school years as a teen, did you ever dream of her being part of a tour experience, making it a family affair?

Lisa Hartman-Black:
Watching Lily evolve musically throughout high school and into the first year of college it was inevitable that she was going into the family business, but touring with us was never part of the plan. It just all came together, made sense, and once we made the decision to tour as a family, the feeling for me was that we couldn’t get out there fast enough!!

How has Lily Pearl’s presence improved this tour experience different from past ones?

Lisa Hartman-Black:
Having Lily out on tour with us has been so rewarding both professionally and personally. To experience this as a family is such a gift. Show days are challenging in different ways and to see her navigate through with such discipline and focus at such a young age makes me happy for her and very proud.

When you step out on stage and see your daughter to one side and your husband to another, what goes through your mind?

Lisa Hartman-Black:
When I’m out on stage with Clint and Lily, there’s this musical collaboration and sense of comfort that’s hard to describe. There are different little nuances every time we perform. The audience is a huge part of that as well. Then after each show, there’s always so much to talk about. Comparing notes, sharing stories about things that happened on stage and backstage. Close calls, mistakes, some pretty funny stuff!!

With the complexity of a big tour like yours, including travel and time away from home, has your family found touring together keeps you better connected?

Lisa Hartman-Black:
Being together, away from home for quite a bit of time, really requires such discipline in many areas. Being considerate of each other’s space, lack of sleep, the road is long with many a winding turn. Ha! Lily said in an interview recently that being out on tour has given her a whole new perspective on what her dad‘s life out on the road really looks like.

When visiting a new city, which member of your family is the planner for checking new things out and sightseeing when time permits?

Lisa Hartman-Black:
On days off, we’re pretty low-key. We work out quite a bit. Lily always wants to go to Target! Then the goal is to find some yummy food and head back to the bus and have dinner together. Re-runs of Modern Family!!

Is there a song of Clint’s or yours that is just made better (in your humble opinion as a mom), sung by Lily Pearl? That said, have you or Clint ever tackled any of Lily Pearl’s songs from her rock band days in high school?

Lisa Hartman-Black:
Lily joins us on Clint’s song A Change in the Air. Clint thinks she made it better and I concur. Lily performed the Carrie Underwood hit Cry Pretty with the senior year rock band in high school. She performs it live on the tour and Clint often talks about how much he enjoys watching the faces of everyone down front as she hits those amazing high notes! We know how lucky we are to be enjoying this time on the road together and these special moments with such wonderful audiences.

It has been three decades since the release of Clint Black’s groundbreaking debut album, Killin’ Time. The genre-altering record cemented the Country music icon as one of the truest traditionalists in the game, and his widespread influence can still be felt in the works of artists today. Now, the seemingly unstoppable legend is heading out on tour with Lisa Hartman Black.

Having earned 22 #1 career singles, nearly two dozen gold and platinum awards (US & Canada), a Grammy Award, numerous CMA, ACM, and American Music Awards, Clint Black has had one of the most storied careers in modern music. However, the Houston-raised musician has undoubtedly come a long way from the Texas nightclub circuit where he first began.

In his latest effort, Out of Sane, Clint Black continues to hold firm in making great music that doesn’t fit a mold or conform to current popularity.


Feb 5, 2022

Capital One Hall | Tysons, VA (Map)

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