Another Sad Closure of a Popular Parent Resource in NOVA

By DullesMoms, July 2020

Little Lords & Ladies, a long-time parent resource in Northern Virginia, is closing its physical store. In a July 7, 2020, e-mail, this consignment store that featured secondhand children’s clothing and more stated:

We will be closing our doors on July 31, 2020; time for our baby to grow into something new and different.

The risks (and costs) of COVID coupled with our own kids outgrowing our current consignment selection has forced us to look at where we are heading and change our course. Until the threat and impact of COVID passes for our customers and employees, we have decided to close our retail establishment on Sullyfield Circle. We are hopeful to return in the Spring in some fashion (retail store, online store, seasonal sales like Dani’s Duds, or a mixture of all!). No other store offers to HelpLocalMoms like we do, enabling moms to save a little $$$ and earn a little $$$, with more brand names than any “big box” store has to offer. Perhaps if we were a little younger (now that we’re a little wiser!), we would push through these headwinds. But alas, with our mother’s health and an uncertain school schedule, we must take measures for our household.

While we are closing the physical store on 7/31/20, we are planning to keep LLaL, Inc. solvent and operating so all consignor checks can eventually be paid like normal upon request (mailed, no check pick up) — albeit slower with only one income coming in and having to address back rent.

Until the final day (7/31/20), the store will be open Wednesdays thru Saturdays 10 am-4 pm to shop some of the 8,000 summer clothes we will have on clearance to help you get some great deals.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve you, our community, and our adopted family for the past 14 years. The journey has not always been easy, and we have learned a lot during our time servicing you, but the time has come for a metamorphosis in our base business model to survive these trying times and the “new” normal. We hope to rise again from the ashes.

See Little Lords & Ladies’ full statement and more details here.d