Living in a Coronavirus World

Living in a Coronavirus World

Mar 14, 2020

While Virginia is under a State of Emergency, we’ll be taking a break from sharing the typical opportunities you’ve come to expect from us. Daily, we’ll listen to the experts to determine when it is safe and appropriate to get back to “normal.”

In the meantime, we encourage you to patronize our supporters that have helped keep our site free to use, with no sign-up or sign-in, for the last 10 years!


• Learning what steps they are taking (if they are still open to the public) to limit crowds, encourage social distancing, and keep their businesses sanitized.
• Joining their email list to be in-the-know.
• Find them on social media to keep up-to-date on future fun (as well as any online or virtual opportunities they might offer).
• Learning more about hosting a future celebration or party with them.
• Considering purchasing a gift card for future fun or as a gift.

In the meantime, hoping we’ll be past this in May/June, we’re working hard on our Summer Camp Guide (to be launched any day now!), as well as sharing articles of interest, outdoor/nature opportunities your family can participate in solo, summer opportunities, and more. Have an idea for us? Let us know!

Like you, we don’t know when this will end, and we’re figuring it out day-by-day. Thanks for your patience and for keeping a small, mom-owned business in mind.


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