See the Longest Lunar Eclipse in Centuries

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By DullesMoms, Nov 2021

On November 19, 2021, we’ll have the privilege of seeing the longest partial lunar eclipse in centuries!

At this rare event, almost 100% of the moon will appear red (called a “deep” event). During this partial lunar eclipse, the sun, Earth, and the moon will align (imperfectly) — the Earth’s umbral shadow will cover almost 97% of the full moon’s surface.

Plus, NASA predicts this eclipse of the moon will last over 3 hours — the longest partial lunar eclipse in hundreds of years, and not again until 2669! No special equipment is needed, it will be visible to the naked eye in all 50 states between 2:19-5:47 am Eastern Time (ET).

Why will the moon appear red? According to NASA, “Because the Earth has an atmosphere, the full shadow of the Earth is not black. If you were on the moon in this shadow and looking back at the Earth, you would see all of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets falling on you and the surface around you, giving the moon a reddish-brown color.”

Learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from NASA here. In addition, some other excellent sources of information about this event can be found at Big Think and SciTechDaily.

If the sky isn’t clear enough in your area to see this special event, it will be live-streamed here.

Important Disclaimer: This opportunity is curated from a public source and subject to changes and/or cancelations that might not be reflected above. Always call to confirm before participating.

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