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The Mason Game and Technology Academy (MGTA) is George Mason University’s (GMU) Community Outreach Youth Program and a great place to find professional development courses, extended learning opportunities, and even Executive Education Certificate programs.

Offered as part of the school’s Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI) and the Mason Computer Game Design Program, students (ages 9-18) can take courses in computer and video game design, programming, and more. Plus, adults can find enrichment courses to advance their careers or just have fun learning a new skill.

In response to the closure of George Mason University’s campus (due to COVID-19), MGTA has developed an exciting and engaging alternative STEM and game summer program curriculum. Like their typical summer opportunities, campers can expect to be taught by full-time GMU faculty and their most advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

All of their online courses, from their renowned MGTA-Envision Honors Program to their nationally recognized MGTA Preparatory Program and new cutting-edge AI Academy, will include a mix of live-streamed interactive learning experiences, combined with team and/or virtual classroom research, design, and creation time.

MGTA’s advanced courses will be sprinkled throughout with live guest lectures, presentations, and Q&A sessions with game developers, game studio founders, AI pioneers, STEM and industry leaders, and even a game designer mathematician.

Join them this summer for a uniquely-crafted educational and experiential creative, problem-solving, and critical-thinking experience. You’ll be inspired, engaged, and motivated to become future game designers and STEM pioneers!

Classes run June 29-August 7, 2020, and include:

• Roblox Game Development | Ages 9-14
• 3D Modeling & Animation | Ages 10-14
• Game Design with Unity | Ages 13-18
• Game Programming with Unity & C# | Ages 13-18
• Virtual AI Academy: Introduction to Python for Machine-Learning/AI | Ages 14-adult
• Virtual AI Academy: Machine-Learning/AI with Python | Ages 14-adult

To view a full schedule (updated frequently), click here.


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