Maximize Your Living Room Space

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

Help! My living room is small, and I need help figuring out how to best use the space to accommodate my growing family, not to mention guests during the holiday season.

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

Don’t despair! With a few, clever design solutions you can turn your crowded space into the relaxing living room you need. And you don’t need to have a huge renovation budget to do it.

Here are some tips:

Make Structural Changes
Often, living rooms carry the burdens of dated architecture that can make the space more cramped. If you have floor to ceiling columns blocking your flow, perhaps a new, load-bearing beam can be replaced in the ceiling for an open concept look.

Same goes for old HVAC duct systems that are bumped out from the ceilings and walls. Look for ways to restructure the room or move things like fireplaces or built-ins to better match your space to how you’d like to use it moving forward.

Install Built-Ins
If your living room layout is just too crowded by furniture, consider installing built-in bookshelves or even a built-in bench. This helps maximize wall space and reduces the amount of clutter in the room.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
A room designed with floor-to-ceiling windows automatically feels bigger and brighter. Plus, new windows are a great investment that extends the life of your home.

Use Light Colors
To quickly update your living room, change the color. Whites or neutral beiges and grays are popular choices. Use light neutrals on the walls to brighten up small spaces and employ pops of color with furniture or accent pillows.

Recessed Lighting
To complement your new, light paint, install updated recessed lighting to further brighten your living room. Updated lighting ensures that your room feels less drab. Dimmable soft-white bulbs are optimal for living rooms so you can choose the brightness you need depending on the occasion. Having recessed or hanging light fixtures also enables you to donate any floor or table lamps that may have cluttered your space.

Maximize “Dead” Space
If you have a small living room, make sure to maximize “dead” or typically unused spaces. The area beneath the stairs is often overlooked, but with a thoughtful design could be turned into something functional like a built-in shelf or desk nook.

Think Minimalist
Don’t overburden your space with large, clunky furniture. Think about how you really use your space and get rid of any furniture that is unnecessary.

Pull Furniture Away from Walls
The living room layout can truly impact how crowded your space feels. Particularly in long living rooms, arrange your furniture in the center of the room instead of along the walls. Creating pathways for walking and having conversation areas creates a cozier space as well. Use circular or oval furniture so that your long living room is not overwhelmed with rectangular shapes.

Read more tips and see examples of living room renovations on our blog.

— Moss Building & Design

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