Mom-Shaming Ourselves — to Compare is Human, Even During a Pandemic

by Dulles Moms | May 22, 2020 12:30 pm

By Jessica Grose, The New York Times

The other day I watched a mother make crackers from scratch in an Instagram story. I had already had it up to here with surprisingly unharried parents spending days making perfectly plated, elaborate meals, but the crackers were some next-level nonsense. These crackers took days to make, and are a foodstuff found in delicious abundance at every grocery store! It broke my brain.

I had previously felt decent about the amount of home cooking we had accomplished, but those 30-minute sheet-pan dinners were never cooked joyfully or consumed mindfully. They were hastily thrown in an oven and later, inhaled. They were not lovingly prepared over many hours and presented on a gingham tablecloth.

That’s not the only time social media has made me feel both insecure and ashamed of the ways in which I am doing quarantine…more[1]


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