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Your DMV Summer Movie Guide

From drive-in theatres featuring classic movies to animated favorites under the stars — you’ll enjoy a summer full of family entertainment!

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Preschool Painting Party!

Save-the-date for Paint Your Own Pottery’s last Preschool Painting Party before summer break!

On June 12th, author Lindsay C. Barry will visit and read her book Journey to Constellation Station. Afterward, kids will paint a star dish or 6” clay canvas. Learn more and pre-register .

Be sure to save-the-date for their other events too, including Creative Canvas: American Pride (June 14), Kids Create Like Crazy: Pizza & Poké Balls (June 15), make an earring holder (July 13), and more!

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DullesMoms supporters want to share some extra (extra!) news with you!

The Carnival at One Loudoun
This year’s highly anticipated seasonal soiree brings plenty of rides, festival fare, and games…more

Kids Pizza-Making Party at Matchbox
Kids, become real pizza makers at Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro’s hands-on pizza-making classes…more

Father’s Day Antique Car Show
Hundreds of antique and classic vehicles fill Sully’s grounds at the largest car show in Northern Virginia…more

BükaRide Moms Offer Door-to-Door Transportation for Kids
Between sports, extracurriculars, and academics, Moms like us often feel like professional taxi drivers! But, when schedules get messy and you need transportation help for your child or teen, “BükaRide Moms” is here to help! Created by local moms, BükaRide is an affordable door-to-door transportation service that helps you take some of the stress out your family’s busy schedule…more

Flexible Career Opportunities for Parents
Receive the education and training you need to become a licensed massage therapist! The Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage provides flexible hours, an expansive curriculum, and qualified instructors so all students are prepared to enter one of the fastest-growing fields in the healthcare industry…more

Free Classes at Gym America
It’s not too late to sign up for a free class at Gym America! In celebration of their upcoming 5 year anniversary, enjoy a free trial of the following classes: Ballet & Tap, Hip Hop & Tumbling, and Cheer & Tumbling! Hurry, they start soon…more


DullesMoms is proud to host a variety of thought leaders and experts ready to share advice and answers. With your family in mind, they tackle a broad range of topics:

Fairfax Neonatal Associates
What Are Obstructive Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Children?

Interrupted sleep or insufficient sleep can lead to mood and behavior problems, as well as neurocognitive effects like poor learning…more

John C. Flood
Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summertime

If you want to keep your house cool this summer, there are many home improvements you can make…more

Barakat Orthodontics
Managing the Urge to Bite & Grind with Clear Aligners

Invisalign aligners are actually a great way to stop the damage that can be caused by grinding your teeth…more

Moss Building & Design
Tips for Prepping Your Home for a Remodel

These prep tips can help ensure your belongings will be in good condition when your remodel is over…more

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