Email Blast: Next Steps

We look forward to sharing your message with our readers via an Email Blast; below are the steps to make it happen.

You might have completed some of these steps already — in that case, move on to the next item.

1. When would you like this email to go out?

Based on your answer, we'll let you know if we have that date available or suggest an alternative.

2. What is the primary topic/call-to-action you would like to promote?

Topics might include things like camps, registration for a class, special event(s), or an open house. If you have more than one topic, indicate which is the top priority by listing it in order of importance.

3. If you have already promoted this topic with your communities (via email, flyers, social, etc.), can you forward them to DullesMoms, or attach them at the end of this form/share the link(s) below?

This allows us to better understand your message and voice.

4. What images would you like used? Attach them at the end of this form or share link(s) below.

We can incorporate what images you own or have already used to promote the topic(s). If you don't have images you own or have previously used, we can provide hi-res, rights-free images.

5. Can you please send us your preferred logo? Attach it at the end of this form or share link(s) below.

If possible, please send a hi-res logo with a transparent background.

6. Questions/comments (optional):

7. Attach content/files (optional):

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