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Parent-Loved Subscription Boxes for Kids & Families

For gift-givers looking for thoughtful and unique ideas, subscription boxes might be the way to go! With an abundance of gifting options available for both kids and families, there’s something for everyone on your list. Think “inside the box” with the following list of subscription box companies loved by parents!

Art & Crafts Subscription Boxes for Kids
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mail-order-mystery-200Mail Order Mystery
With young mystery lovers in mind, Mail Order Mystery seeks to provide children with a unique mail experience they’re sure to treasure! A Mail Order Mystery is an extraordinary story created just for children that is told over multiple weeks using letters, articles, top-secret files, and other special clues! Specially designed for problem solvers between 8 and 13 (and younger with the help of an adult), Mail Order Mystery stories are currently available in themes such as “Treasure Hunt!” and “The Enchanted Slumber,” both of which are appropriate for both boys and girls. For $75*, plus shipping, children will receive their story, solve the mystery, and watch it unfold over a period of 6-weeks.

Surprise Ride Adventure Boxes
Curious little ones are sure to love Surprise Ride, the monthly subscription box service delivering smiles and adventure to the doorstep each month! Perfect for children 6- to 11-years of age, each box is focused around a central theme and comes packed with two activities, supplies, instructions, a snack, book, and more! With past boxes focused on topics such as bees, stars, and volcanoes, parents and children will be thrilled with each and every delivery. Priced at $29.99* per month or $24.99* when you purchase a whole year in advance, there’s a box for all adventure seekers! Subscribers interested in the 6-month option pay $25.99* per month.

Brick-Loot-200Brick Loot
For LEGO and Brick lovers, Brick Loot offers subscribers a box stocked with 4-8 of the newest and most exclusive LEGO and Brick-related products that cannot be found anywhere else! Each box includes items that are compatible with LEGO bricks or that can be used independently to create anything the imagination desires. Recommended for individuals 6- to 99-years old, these Brick Loot boxes are available to purchase for 1-, 3-, or 6-months with prices ranging from $23* to $27* per month, plus $6* shipping costs. Each box is shipped on the 10th of the month and delivery usually between the 12th and 15th of the month, depending on the recipient’s location.

Groovy-Lab-in-a-Box-200Groovy Lab in a Box
Offering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiences for kids aged 8 and up, Groovy Lab in a Box provides young “STEMists” everything needed to create inventions and enhance and develop their critical problem-solving skills! Each box focuses on a STEM topic and includes all tools and materials, a lab notebook, an engineering design challenge, and access to “Beyond… In a Box,” a password-protected website that works in conjunction with the guide from the lab notebook! Groovy Lab in a Box is available to purchase for 1-, 6-, 9, or 12-months (recurring) with prices ranging from $23.95 to $38.95 per month. Non-recurring, single shipment boxes may also be purchased. Shipping is FREE!

Remote control enthusiasts will love Remote Control Subscription Boxes from Hobbytron! Hobbyists and RC toy lovers alike will enjoy checking out remote control helicopters, cars, and trucks delivered right to their front doors each month! Every RC box includes a carefully selected toy valued at $60, and subscribers will also receive a BONUS helicopter with their first box. Plan packages are available for 1-, 6-, or 12-months and prices range from $27.95* to $29.95* with no shipping costs (processing fee does apply). Subscribers may cancel at any time, and the BONUS helicopter value is dependent upon the monthly package chosen.

Mission-Unboxable-200Mission Unboxable
For families with kids who are always on the hunt for a secret mission, the Mission Unboxable “Top Secret Agent Missions” boxes provide children with the adventures they’re after! Young spies, detectives, and secret agents will receive one top secret mission each month for 12-months in addition to a secret agent briefcase (to conveniently store all of their spy gear) and an additional mission that is mailed with the first package! Each and every covert operation encourages children to tap into their creativity and unlock their imaginations. This 12-month subscription can be purchased for $150* (this is a one-time payment and averages to $12.50* /month) plus $35* shipping. Additional single and multi-month packages, including customizable missions and gear, are available via this Etsy shop.

Nerd-Block-Jr.-for-Boys-200Nerd Block Jr. for Boys
Shopping for boys aged 6 to 11 couldn’t be any easier with Nerd Block Jr.! Nerd Block Jr. subscription boxes are full of licensed merchandise from brands parents, and children, know and trust. Chosen for their quality, collectability, and fun factor, toys are carefully selected by Nerd Block Jr.’s team of uber-nerds and represent a variety of genres from across the entertainment industry! While each box includes different items, classic toys might include Star Wars action figures, Mega Blocks, and/or Hot Wheels. Box prices vary based on how long individuals wish to subscribe. Monthly packages are available in 1-, 3-, 6- or 12 -month subscriptions and range from $11.19* to $13.99* per month, plus shipping costs.

Nerd-Block-Jr.-for-Girls-200Nerd Block Jr. for Girls
Similar to their counterpart, Nerd Block Jr. for Boys, Nerd Block Jr. for Girls offers one-stop shopping for gift-givers looking for something special and unique for girls aged 6 to 11! Girls can expect to receive toys from popular brands such as My Little Pony, Smurf, and/or Hello Kitty. Box prices vary based on how long individuals wish to subscribe. Monthly packages are available in 1-, 3-, 6- or 12 -month subscriptions and range from $11.19* to $13.99* per month, plus shipping costs.

My-Pretend-Place-200My Pretend Place
Understanding that sometimes kids need a little extra inspiration to delve into their pretend play, subscriptions from My Pretend Place provide children with opportunities for crafting and dressing up so their pretend play adventures are supported and enhanced! All dress-up products and crafts are hand-picked and created to withstand many hours of play. Individuals may purchase the Dress-Up Subscription, which focuses on a pretend play theme and includes dress-up costumes, activities/crafts, and other pretend play ideas. The Dress-Up Subscription is recommended for children 3- to 6-years old and costs $50* every three months. Another option available via My Pretend Place is the Craft Subscription, which is geared towards children 3- to 8-years of age. This subscription is $15* per month and provides children with instructions and materials to create a pretend play item each month. All subscriptions from My Pretend Place offer free shipping, may be canceled at any time, and include girl, boy, or gender-neutral purchasing options.

*Prices quoted as of March 18, 2015, and are not promised or guaranteed.

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