Part-Time, Flexible Jobs for Busy Moms (& Dads Too!)

by DullesMoms | March 12, 2021 12:44 pm

By, Mar 2021

Are you itching to get back to work after an extended career break for caregiving? Or maybe you are working full-time and looking to scale back to meet demands at home.

FlexProfessionals[1] believes there should be more options available to women and men than working full-time or not at all. They are a niche staffing firm that matches experienced professionals seeking meaningful, part-time employment with growing local businesses in need of top talent.

FlexProfessionals is looking for professionals with at least 10-years of experience and top-notch skills in areas, such as:

• Accounting & Bookkeeping (always high-demand)
• Human Resources & Recruiting (always high-demand)
• Administration & Operations (always high-demand)
• Digital Marketing & Communications (always high-demand)
• IT, Engineering, & Technical
• Sales & Business Development
• Legal & Contracts
• Technical & Proposal Writing
• Web Design & Development

For all opportunities, there is NEVER any cost or obligation on your part to work with FlexProfessionals.

For active and passive job seekers, there are lots of ways to get started with them:

• To discover a variety of great opportunities, check out their Job Postings[2].

• Upload a resume anytime through their Resume Submission[3] page and tell them about our work preferences, desired schedule, and more.

• Join their Mailing List[4] to receive a weekly email highlighting their latest job opportunities, events, and job search tips.

• Attend a Job Search Webinar[5] designed with career re-entry and career transition professionals in-mind. They are a great networking opportunity, as well!

• Explore their comprehensive list of Job Search Readiness[6]Workplace Readiness[7], and Technical Readiness[8] resources that will help you land a job you love.

• Read their Job Seeker FAQs[9] to learn about FlexProfessionals’ application, screening, interview, and selection processes.

• Engage with them on social media, including LinkedIn[10] and Facebook[11].

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