Patio, Porch, & Deck Inspiration for Families

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

Despite the heat, humidity, and bugs, my kids want to be outside. Yuck! To accommodate our family’s needs, I want a cool and relaxing space to watch them play while working at home. Any ideas?

Dear Dulles Mom,

You’re right! The heat of summer is definitely upon us. To meet your family’s needs and lifestyle, we think a refreshing shaded deck or patio is a perfect retreat!

Northern Virginia definitely saw the pandemic create many remote working opportunities, while traditional offices fell by the wayside with homeowners utilizing outdoor spaces for working at home. As life finally starts to return to normal, people are now utilizing decks and patios in a different way too. Not only for summer cookouts and outdoor gatherings but a space to work while the kids run amuck in the yard. Did you know that work productivity increases after 30-minutes of fresh air? It’s true!

For some inspiration and ideas, check out some of our recent MOSS outdoor remodels in our newest blog post, Summer Living with Decks, Patios, & Porches.

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