10+ Planetariums With Star-Gazing Opportunities

by Liz Jones | November 10, 2021 12:00 am

With an abundance of opportunities in the DMV, studying the stars, planets, and the sky has never been more exciting!


• Virginia[1]
• Maryland[2]
• Washington, DC[3]


David M. Brown Planetarium[4]
Arlington, VA

During the school year, the David M. Brown Planetarium often hosts public programs. Plus, they offer special seasonal opportunities, too; learn more and see the full schedule by visiting Friends of Arlington’s Planetarium here[5]. // Updated Nov 2021

George Mason University Observatory[6]
Fairfax, VA

Located at George Mason University, this STEM destination gets visitors a little closer to the stars! Boasting many high-powered telescopes, the observatory offers public events and tours given by world-class astronomers, researchers, and educators. // Updated Nov 2021

Irene V. Hylton Planetarium[7]
Woodbridge, VA

Located on the campus of CD Hylton Senior High School, this planetarium is home to a star projector capable of displaying more than 1,300 stars, the five visible eye planets, moon phasing, and more on a thirty-foot curved dome! Special effect projectors also create solar and lunar eclipses, aurora displays, and meteor showers. Visit their calendar[8] to learn more about special opportunities to visit, including their annual holiday laser shows! // Updated Nov 2021

Observatory Park at Turner Farm[9]
Great Falls, VA

Permanently mounted telescopes allow for excellent sky gazing at the new Observatory Park at Turner Farm! This roll-top observatory includes an Observation Room complete with high-powered telescopes and a retractable roof. For more information on programs, visit the Analemma Society[10]. // Updated Nov 2021


William M. Brish Planetarium[11]
Hagerstown, MD

Operated by the Washington County Public Schools System, the William M. Brish Planetarium offers the community special shows on select days; visit them online[12] to check out all of the programs offered. // Updated Nov 2021

Davis Planetarium[13]
Baltimore, MD

Enjoy a look at the stars and sky beneath the 50-foot dome of the Davis Planetarium at the Maryland Science Center! Click here[14] to see the wide variety of opportunities available to the public. // Updated Nov 2021

Arthur Storer Planetarium[15]
Frederick, MD

Visitors of all ages can visit this Planetarium located at Calvert High School. On select dates during the school year, learn about the night sky at special programs and events. // Updated Nov 2021

Banneker Planetarium[16]
Catonsville, MD

Located on the campus of the Community College of Baltimore County (Catonsville), the Banneker Planetarium hosts a wide variety of shows and programs for students, families, and the community. // Updated Nov 2021

Howard B. Owens Planetarium & Science Center[17]
Lanham, MD

Operated by the Prince George’s County Public School System, the Science Center’s planetarium is the largest in Maryland and offers a variety of shows and events throughout the year. // Updated Nov 2021

Ausherman Planetarium[18]
Frederick, MD

Located at the Earth and Space Science Laboratory, the Ausherman Planetarium has a 35-foot dome built to amaze and educate stargazers young and old! Not only does this Chronos Hybrid planetarium system model the night sky, but it also displays 360-degree movies. // Updated Nov 2021


Albert Einstein Planetarium[19]
Washington, DC

Located in the National Air & Space Museum, the Albert Einstein Planetarium is one of the most technologically advanced planetariums in the country! This planetarium’s ultra-high-definition visuals are 16 times the resolution of your high-definition television! Guests are invited to enjoy shows and opportunities that get you a little closer to the stars and beyond! // Updated Nov 2021

Phoebe Waterman Haas Public Observatory[20]
Washington, DC

Named for Phoebe Waterman Haas, an extraordinary woman of the early 20th-century (Haas was among the first women in the United States to achieve a Ph.D. in astronomy), this public observatory is located on the National Air & pace Museum’s southeast terrace. Guests are invited to visit and even participate in stargazing opportunities using the observatory’s 16-inch telescope that boasts its own rich history. // Updated Nov 2021

Rock Creek Park Planetarium[21]
Washington, DC

Located at Rock Creek (home to the only planetarium in the National Park Service), the Rock Creek Park Planetarium uses high-tech Spitz software to project the night sky onto a large, dome-shaped ceiling while Rangers lead guests on a journey of exploration into our solar system, galaxy, and beyond! In addition to planetarium programs, stargazing opportunities are available, too. // Updated Nov 2021

Important Disclaimer: This opportunity is curated from a public source and subject to changes and/or cancelations that might not be reflected above. Always call to confirm before participating.

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