Raise Baby Chicks, Then Return Them to Their Flock!

by Liz Jones | February 20, 2021 12:30 am

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Kids love baby chicks! But, baby chicks become adults, and I’m sure you never wanted adult pet chickens! However, you can have the best of both worlds — check out Great Country Farm’s (GCF) Chick-Keeping 101 Program!

For a reasonable fee, beginning March 1, 2021, families can sign up for GCF’s Peep Program. This allows you to buy baby chicks that are 3- to 5-days-old, take them home, and raise them until they are ready to go back home and join their flock at Great Country Farms. Minimal equipment is needed to raise chicks, and Great Country Farms has equipment packages for purchase as well.

This is such a fun way to welcome spring and teach your kids about the responsibility and fun of caring for a farm animal!

Pre-registration is required (details below).

Raise Baby Chicks

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This program opens for sign-up on Mar 1, 2021

Great Country Farms[4] | Bluemont, VA (Map[5])

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