Remodeling? Here are Some Questions You Should Ask at an Open House

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

We heard you just had an open house! If I am considering a home remodel, would you suggest I attend an open house? And if so, what are some important questions to ask or things to look for while I’m there?

Dear Dulles Mom,

If you are looking to remodel your home, we highly suggest you attend an open house hosted by a remodeling company. Not only do open houses provide you with an opportunity to walk through a brand new remodel, but you can talk to the people who physically did the work. Now is the chance to ask all of your questions to the experts at no cost. You can discuss the changes the homeowners made, why they were made, possible complications they came across, and their opinion on the final product. If open houses seem to come across as overwhelming because of the salesmen, come prepared! Here are a few questions to get the conversation flowing, with no pressure. Open houses are a great opportunity to ask all of these questions and more. So take advantage of these, and get a feel of what your home could be!

Questions to ask the homeowner of a recently remodeled home:

1. How much did this project cost?
2. What was the design and construction process like, what did it entail?
3. How long did the project take, start to finish… what was the timeline?
4. Did one company both design and build this project? If not, who designed the space?
5. What were some of your concerns before beginning this project?
6. What did you want to change about your previous home? Did you have any concerns during the process?
7. What did your home look like before renovations? Do you have any before photos?
8. Were you able to live in your home during construction? If not, was it difficult, was it worth it?
9. And finally, are you satisfied with the end result?

What Should I Ask a Remodeler at an Open House?

1. Am I in an area where you work?
2. How long have you been in business?
3. What’s your area of expertise?
4. Do you handle permitting?
5. Do you have any past customers I can contact? What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?
6. Do you all provide a warranty?
7. Who would be physically working on my project?

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