What is Scaffold Parenting? It Could Be the Key to Help Kids Adjust to Post-Pandemic Life.

by Dulles Moms | February 19, 2021 11:58 am

By Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, USA Today

The Corona virus vaccine hopes to “normalize” life for young people and bring them back to school, activities and friends. But we can’t underestimate how destabilizing reentry will be. Parents who are struggling with burnout, anxiety and isolation have to now adjust to the next “new normal” for their children: letting them go.

Kids who’ve been cooped up and isolated will need to spread their wings and take chances. This highlights a peculiar power of the pandemic and the resilience of children. The reality that we all struggled (and still struggle) to accommodate to has become normal for our children. To readjust to “in-real-life” interactions with peers, they may have to go through some trial and error. Some will make mistakes and get hurt. Some anxious children who flourished at home during lock down will struggle reengaging.

For parents, backing off and letting kids struggle is sometimes the hardest thing to do. We’re socialized for the fixer/protector role, to step in and take care of the problem…more[1]


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