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by Liz Jones | February 20, 2019 8:29 pm

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◊ Visit: 1501 N Lincoln St., Arlington, VA 22201
◊ Connect: Website[3] | Facebook[4] | Twitter[5] | Instagram[6]
◊ Call: (877) 684-1260

Check out SciGenius’ other DMV locations, including Ashburn, VA[7], and Herndon, VA[8].

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As the area’s go-to mobile STEAM program, SciGenius happily brings science, technology, engineering, art, and math to schools throughout the community! This company’s unique and hands-on approach to teaching STEAM makes for engaging coding, robotics, digital art, and math programs for children as young as 3.

This summer, SciGenius invites children 4- to 13-years-old (grades PreK to 8th-grade) to participate in their sought-after STEAM programs. Each camp experience provides the perfect setting for all kinds of science, technology, engineering, art, and math fun!

SciGenius’ camps are held in three convenient locations in Ashburn, Herndon, and Arlington, VA, and offer both full- and half-day options, as well as morning and afternoon extended care to fit in with your scheduling needs. Campers will be grouped by age to ensure that skills are introduced and applied at a pace that is appropriate for them; ensuring the most summer camp success.

2019 summer camps include:

It’s All About Science Camp (Ages 5-13)
July 15-19, 2019
If you have an aspiring Scientist, this is the camp for them! Campers will be shown how to use the scientific method, test scientific ideas, and experiment with hands-on projects. Campers will be introduced to a research a topic, will participate in formulating a working theory/hypothesis, discover Newton’s law, and have a blast with various chemical reactions! To learn more, click here[10]; to register, click here[11].

Robotics with a Twist of Science Camp (Ages 5-13)
July 22-26 & Aug 12-16, 2019
Do you have a LEGO lover under your roof? In this special robotics camp, kids will have the opportunity to combine the exciting world of LEGO with robotics! Campers will be introduced to pair programming and then work in a team building programs through a series of challenges. They’ll also create different models based on science concepts, learn how to think logically, be introduced to mathematics concepts, and have hands-on fun! To learn more, click here[10]; to register, click here[11].

Location(s): 1501 N Lincoln St., Arlington, VA 22201 (Arlington County)
Campers: 5- to 13-years-old
Duration: Full-day
Before & Aftercare: Both available
Sibling Discount: Yes, ask
Multi-Camp Discount: Yes, ask
Potty-Trained: Required

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