Snow Much Fun! Bringing the Snow Indoors…

By DullesMoms, Jan 2019

From snow-based recipes to experiments and art, little ones will love bringing the snow inside to play when it’s time to put the winter gear away. Check out some of the following ways to play inside with wintertime’s best treasure, wear your jammies inside out, and cross your fingers for some flurries!

Whip Up Some Snow Cream
A dessert of the frozen variety, snow cream is a special, snow-based treat that will delight your palate! With snow as the main ingredient, there are a variety of recipes available that include simple household staples, so you don’t need to risk a trip to the store!

Worried if snow is safe to eat? Many sources say mother nature’s wintry treat is safe to savor (however, always use discretion). According to multiple researchers and scientists, there are a few precautions one needs to take before devouring a delicious snowfall: avoid the snow that’s been plowed, don’t eat flurries of the yellow variety, and refrain from consumption on windy days due to dirt and soil contamination.

For more information on eating snow, be sure to read Anne Bramley’s article, Snow Is Delicious. But is it Dangerous to Eat? which highlights all the dos and dont’s of swallowing snow.

Check out some of these snow cream recipes — from the simple to the gourmet:

Snow Ice Cream by Paula Dean
Amaretto Caramel Snow Ice Cream
Cake Batter Snow Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Cream
Snow Ice Cream,
Snow Ice Cream, Gimme Some Oven
Snow Ice Cream, The Prairie Homestead

Snowy Science
With something so magical (and free!) right at your fingertips, wintertime is the right time for some snowy day experiments to do with children of all ages! Take advantage of the learning opportunities available to you by scooping up some snow and watching the wonder on your child’s face. From learning about the properties of matter to chemistry and life science, it’s time to become a snow scientist!

Check out these STEM-based snow experiments — some that take a little planning, while others allow some impromptu experimenting:

Snow Melting Experiments
Snow Balloon Science
LEGO Science Ice Excavation
Making Ice Grow
Food Coloring & Snow
Snowman in a Bag

Snowy Playtime
Little hands love, and need, plenty of opportunities to interact with the world around them! Save snowballs and snowmen for outdoor play, and snag some snow for a little indoor fun! With a little ingenuity, a leak-proof tub, and maybe even some gloves, there are plenty of things kiddos can do with the fluffy white stuff.

Get ready to have “snow much fun” and take a peek at how to “play” with some great ideas below:

Snow Sensory Bin
Ice Rainbow Sun Catchers
Potato Head Snowmen
Indoor Snowmen

Snow Art
Exploring a variety of art mediums can be so exciting for little ones, but have you ever tried introducing snow as one?! Let your littles create some indoor wintertime magic of their own with fun and easy-to-do art projects where snow steals the show:

Ice Lanterns
Salt Painting Ice Sculptures
Spray Paint the Snow
Ice Painting
Snow Color Mixing

Where’s the Snow?
While you and your littles anxiously wait for the snowflakes to fall, get inspired by some fantastic picture books dedicated to this snowy season! Check out the list below for some snow day preparation:

Snowflake Bentley, by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn Buehner
The Mitten, by Jan Brett
The Hat, by Jan Brett
The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs
The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats
There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, by Lucille Colandro

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