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by DullesMoms | August 5, 2022 12:00 am

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While sunflowers are native to the United States, they are planted worldwide because of their unique beauty and size! The DMV is lucky to boast a huge variety of you-pick opportunities and festivals celebrating this iconic flower!

July 30-Sept 5, 2022
Summer of Sunflowers[2]
Burnside Farms • Nokesville, VA
About 25-miles from Dulles Airport

Burnside Farms’ Summer of Sunflowers is a celebration of an iconic summer flower! At this special annual event boasting 50-acres of sunflowers, families are invited to cut their own bouquets and take plenty of Instagram-worthy pictures!

Sunflower Viewing[3] (No Picking)
McKee-Beshers Sunflower Fields • Poolesville, MD
About 33-miles from Dulles Airport

The McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area is a 2,000-acre tract in a mixture of woodlands, fields, wooded bottomland, and managed wetland impoundments (green-tree reservoirs). Their 3+ sunflower fields are open to the public to visit (no flower removal allowed). The primary purpose for planting sunflowers in wildlife management areas is to provide a food source for a host of birds, mammals, and pollinators. See a great blog post[4] here to learn more.

Sunflower Picking [5]
Great Country Farms • Bluemont, VA
About 35-miles from Dulles Airport

A 400-acre working farm that not only offers you-pick opportunities and daily farm fun, including jumping pillows, rope swings, animals to visit, and more!

Sunflower & Flower Picking[6]
Messick’s Farm Market • Bealton, VA
About 37-miles from Dulles Airport

A family farm in Fauquier County that offers you-pick opportunities and family fun, including a bounce pillow, farm animals, and more!

Sunflower & Zinnia Picking[7]
Hollin Farms • Delaplane, VA
About 38-miles from Dulles Airport

A fourth-generation family farm that offers you-pick opportunities.

September TBA
Sunflower Spectacular[8]
Butler’s Orchard • Germantown, MD
About 38-miles from Dulles Airport

A 100-acre, family-owned farm/orchard that offers pick-your-own opportunities and family fun, including slides, farm animals, a playground, pedal tractors, and more to enjoy!

July 29-Aug 28, 2022
Sunflower Picking[9]
Whitetails Farm • Clarksburg, MD
About 40-miles from Dulles Airport

Whitetails Farm is a unique oasis in Montgomery County, MD — visit and enjoy one of Maryland’s largest you-pick sunflower fields.

Aug 27-Sept 11, 2022
Sunflower Festival[10]
Summers Farm • Middletown, MD
About 42-miles from Dulles Airport

Enjoy Summers Farm’s 8-acre sunflower field with thousands in bloom — more than 30 different varieties and colors! Plus, with your paid admission, enjoy their 45+ attractions[11], including slides, farm animals, swings, zip lines, jumping pillows, and more.

July 16-Aug 14, 2022
Sunflower Festival[12]
Valley View Acres • Middletown, MD
About 45-miles from Dulles Airport

In 2018, Valley View Acres planted a field of sunflowers as a “trial run.” The response from the community was so encouraging that the concept of the Sunflower Festival was born!

Willing to drive? These picture-worthy opportunities are just a little bit farther away…

Aug 1-31, 2022
Sunflower Market[13]
Mary’s Land Farm • Ellicott City, MD
About 52-miles from Dulles Airport

September TBA
Sunflower Festival & Corn Maze[14]
Auburn Farm Sunflower Patch • Brandy Station, VA
About 53-miles from Dulles Airport

Sept 10, 2022
Sunflower Festival[15]
The Homestead Farm at Fruit Hill Orchard • Winchester, VA
About 55-miles from Dulles Airport

Sunflower Picking[16]
Braehead Farm • Fredericksburg, VA
About 60-miles from Dulles Airport

Sunflower Picking[17]
The Sunflower Garden • Westminster, MD
About 53-miles from Dulles Airport

Sept 3-4, 2022
Southern Maryland Sunflower Festival[18]
Serenity Farm • Benedict, MD
About 70-miles from Dulles Airport

Aug 26-Sept 5, 2022
Sunflower Festival[19]
Liberty Mills Farm • Somerset, VA
About 80-miles from Dulles Airport

Sunflower Maze & Pick-Your-Own Flowers[20]
Gold Petal Farms • Chaptico, MD
About 80-miles from Dulles Airport

Sunflower Picking[21]
Godfrey’s Farm • Sudlersville, MD
About 107-miles from Dulles Airport

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