Swim Schools in the DMV

by Liz Jones | March 20, 2020 1:00 am

From pool basics to skill-building for adults and children, you’ll find plenty of learn-to-swim opportunities here!


• Arlington[1]
• Fairfax[2]
• Loudoun[3]


• Arlington County Rec Centers[4]
• SwimBox[5]*
• YMCA[6]


Alexandria, VA
• Charles Houston Rec Center[7]
• Chinquapin Park Rec Center[8]
• Goldfish Swim School[9]
• Lee District Rec Center[10]
• Mount Vernon Rec Center[11]

Annandale, VA
• Audrey Moore Rec Center[12]

Centreville, VA
• Aqua-Tots Swim School[13]

Chantilly, VA
• Cub Run Rec Center[14]
• Kids First Swim School[15]

Falls Church, VA
• Goldfish Swim School[16]
• Kids First Swim School[17]
• Providence Rec Center[18]
• Tom Dolan Swim School[19]

Herndon, VA
• Herndon CC[20]

McLean, VA
• Spring Hill Rec Center[21]

Mount Vernon, VA
• George Washington Rec Center[22]

Oakton, VA
• Oak Marr Rec Center[23]

Reston, VA
• Goldfish Swim School[24]
• Reston CC[25] | Reston, VA
• YMCA[26] | Reston, VA

Springfield, VA
• Kids First Swim School[27]
• South Run Rec Center[28]
• The St. James[29]

Vienne, VA
• Machine Performance Center[30]


Ashburn, VA
• Goldfish Swim School[31]

Chantilly, VA
• Aqua-Tots Swim School[32]
• Dulles South Rec Center[33]

Sterling, VA
• Claude Moore Rec Center[34]
• SwimBox[5]*

Leesburg, VA
• Ida Lee Park Rec Center[35]
• SwimKids Swim School[36]

Sterling, VA
• Kids First Swim School[37]
• Tom Dolan Swim School[19]

* Does not offer learn-to-swim opportunities; for experienced swimmers only.

Disclaimer/Terms[38]: These opportunities are subject to last minute cancellations and changes that might not be reflected in this DullesMoms.com post. Please, always confirm by calling/clicking.

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