5 Tips to Prepare for Your Child’s Telemedicine Visit

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Telemedicine is the practice of medicine using video or telephone communication to deliver care at a distance. During a telemedicine visit, your provider can evaluate, diagnose, and treat the patient remotely.

Telemedicine offers convenience and access to your child’s appointments with their providers, especially now during today’s pandemic.

As more providers offer telemedicine for appointments that can be held remotely, parents should know how to prepare for these virtual visits, including:

1. Set-Up/Test Technology Before the Appointment
Ensure you have all the right hardware and software set up before the appointment so your child doesn’t lose precious face time with the provider. Doing this will also reduce the stress of managing new technology during the actual telemedicine visit. Don’t forget to make sure your device’s camera is positioned at eye level!

2. Plan for the Appointment Like You Would an In-Person Visit
A new type of visit can be a distraction when trying to remember things like questions you have for your child’s provider and medication dosage. Write down a list of questions beforehand, so you get the most out of the visit, and nothing is forgotten. Have your child’s medication on hand to avoid having to step away and double-check on dosage.

3. Choose a Quiet, Private Space
Try to limit background noise, distractions, and interruptions by finding a quiet space in your home for the visit so you can hear your child’s provider, and they, in turn, can hear you.

4. Review Your Child’s Treatment Plan
Be sure to review your child’s treatment plan with his/her provider during the visit, so you both understand the next steps. Have a pen and paper handy as it is always helpful to write down instructions, so you do not forget the plan.

5. Set-Up a Follow-Up
After the telemedicine visit, set up any necessary follow-up visits as recommended by your child’s provider.

The specialists of the Pediatric Lung and Allergy Center, Pediatric Surgical Group, and Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center are all offering telemedicine visits. Contact their offices (details below) to learn more!

Fairfax Neonatal Associates’ Pediatric Lung & Allergy Center (PLAC) provides comprehensive care to infants and children needing allergy and immunology diagnoses and treatment. PLAC pediatric specialists provide a wide range of evaluations and testing for allergens, immune and lung function, oral food challenges, and more — all leading to individualized treatment plans with your child’s pediatrician.

Learn more about Fairfax Neonatal Associates’ providers here. Connect with their Pediatric & Adolescent Sleep Center online or by calling (703) 226-2290.


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