Trend Alert: Rustic Architectural Elements

by Liz Jones | July 23, 2018 9:03 pm

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

My home’s design style is stuck in the 90’s, and I’d like to dive into a project to update my home with some of my more rustic design tastes. Do you have any suggestions?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

So, you’re looking to get your Chip and Joanna Gaines on? We can’t get enough of that HGTV show either! One common design style theme we see a lot of — even in the most modern home remodels — is rustic architectural elements[3]. Whether it’s wood flooring, an eye-catching stone accent wall, or a complete farmhouse chic remodel[4], rustic remodeling elements are on the rise:

Wooden Accents Make Rooms More Rustic
Various types of hardwoods or hardwood imitations are popping up everywhere. The wood look is no longer just an appropriate flooring option for bedrooms and hallways.

Our recent trend alert blog[5] features more information on how porcelain tile and luxury vinyl tile[6] are being used in bathrooms[7] and kitchens[8] for a wood look with a moisture and scratch-resistant bonus. You don’t have to be stuck thinking of wood only as a flooring option either — hardwood type accents are also popping up on walls and backsplashes throughout the home.

Sliding Barn Doors in Northern Virginia Renovations
One of our favorite design trends in rustic remodels is definitely barn doors[9]. Nothing is more rustic than simulating the look of a barn to bring in the farmhouse style. You can really go as rustic, weathered, or as modern as your design style allows when choosing a door, adding personal touches and character to your home to make it unique.

Barn doors are being used in living rooms to kitchens to offices, but they don’t all have to look authentically “rustic.” In one of MOSS’ McLean home remodeling projects, a sliding door creates privacy for a side room-office space. While the door doesn’t resemble a barn door, it still incorporates the visual sliding element inspired by the barn door trend.

Stone Accent Walls Add an Outdoorsy Warmth to Kitchens
Traditionally, stone accents can be found on fireplaces in living rooms, but now contractors apply stone accent walls and backsplashes anywhere — particularly in kitchens! This beautiful, craftsman addition to the home brings back an old-world folksiness to the space. Instead of completely sealed off cabinetry, think about building open-air cabinets on a stone wall to really create an eye-catching wall in your kitchen.

For more rustic remodel design tips, read our blog on Farmhouse Chic Decor here[10] or view our top five favorite rustic inspired living rooms here[11].

Want to create a rustic home remodel of your own? Don’t hesitate to contact MOSS at [email protected][12] or call (703) 961-7707. We’d love to help!

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