How to Make Home Warmer Without Window Replacement

by Liz Jones | May 4, 2011 6:31 pm

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

We moved into a new home this spring and realize that our windows are not as new as the ones in our old house. We are noticing that the cold this winter is really seeping in! How can we make our house warmer without replacing all the windows?

Dear Dulles Mom,

This is a common situation for homes with less than new windows (in fact, the US Department of Energy says that 10% of the air leaks out of a house is via the windows). This winter is already proving to be a cold one, so, to keep some of the cold out (and the heat IN), we recommend the following:

1. Caulk around window frames and apply weatherstripping to eliminate air leakage. Both tension seal and magnetic types of weatherstripping are available and prove effective (for double-pane windows). For casement and sliding windows, apply self-adhesive V-strip weatherstripping (measure the length you need, cut to fit, then peel off the backing while pressing strips in place).

2. Consider putting up storm windows — installing these will reduce air leakage all year. You can find them with various frames (to match your siding and/or window frame). Glass is heavy but long-lasting and clear. Interior storm windows are usually mounted inside the window jambs or flush with the molding. However, they would have to be removed when you are ready for fresh air to circulate (during the warmer months).

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