Where to Enjoy a Private Movie Experience

by Dulles Moms | January 15, 2021 5:03 pm

By DullesMoms, Feb 2021

Like many businesses, movie theatres have had to update what they offer to keep movie-lovers safe. Check out all these places with the opportunity to enjoy an entire theatre to yourself, family, and friends!

Please note, these opportunities are available for a limited time; please call ahead to confirm availability.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema[1] | Ashburn, VA
Located at One Loudoun, Alamo’s ‘Personal Theater’ is a great way to cut loose and safely take your entire family out! Choose from dozens of big-screen classics, or select a new release.

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AMC Theatres[3] | Various Locations
Rent a private AMC theatre auditorium for up to 20 guests. Choose a fan-favorite film for $99*, or a new release for $149*.

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Angelika Film Center & Café at Mosaic[5] | Fairfax, VA
Thursday through Sunday, you’re invited to book a private movie experience at the Angelika. Prices start at just $150* for a group of 10 or less — the perfect size to spread out and enjoy the latest movie!

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Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse[7] | Arlington, VA
Enjoy more than a private movie screening — get unlimited popcorn and soda too! Pricing starts at $399* for 3 hours and up to 20 people. That’s less than $20 per person!

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Cinema Arts Theatres[9] | Fairfax VA
Grab your group — friends or family — to enjoy a private movie experience. Bring your own or choose from the theater’s current selection.

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Cinemark[11] | Fairfax & Centreville, VA
Enjoy a private screening of the latest blockbuster or classic film in your own auditorium with guaranteed seating and no lines!

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CMX Cinema[13] | Leesburg, VA
Starting at $99*, you’re invited to enjoy a private movie experience with family and friends at this Village at Leesburg theatre (formally Cobb Theatre).

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NextStop Cinema[15] | Herndon, VA
Gather your family or a small group, bring your own movie (DVD, Blu-ray, or even streaming service login), and enjoy the show in a private, 100-seat theater featuring a 16’ widescreen and movie theater-quality sound!

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University Mall Theatres[17] | Fairfax, VA
For $100*, enjoy admission for 12 guests, plus receive 12 drinks and 12 popcorns!

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*These rates are not a quote; prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes.

Important Disclaimer: This opportunity is curated from a public source and subject to changes and/or cancelations that might not be reflected above. Always call to confirm before participating.

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