Will Braces Damage My Teeth or Gums?

by Dulles Moms | December 1, 2011 12:35 pm

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Dear Dr. Barakat,

Will braces damage my teeth or gums?

– Concerned Parent

Dear Concerned Parent,

The great news is that braces are very safe! The key is to have excellent home care in order to avoid “damage.” This is a question that I often get from parents and patients, mainly due to their personal experiences when they had braces as children and teens. The fact is, technology has advanced so much, that the current braces and cements are specifically designed to avoid damage. Having said that, the key really is great oral hygiene, along with conscious home care. The area that is susceptible to enamel “ scarring “ is the area around the braces as well as the area between the braces and the gum line. The enamel under the braces stays intact. Think of the braces like a little shelf that can hold plaque. With proper care, there will be no lasting damage. Simply removing the plaque thoroughly every day with proper brushing and flossing will do the trick. Staying away from a lot of sugar, sodas, and sports drinks goes a very long way as well.

– Dr. Barakat


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