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by Dulles Moms | July 4, 2021 10:21 am

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Get ready for a summer of music and dance at Wolf Trap National Park! Children’s Performances have been a summer tradition for generations of families!

Hosted in two locations at Wolf Trap, including the Filene Center (July) and at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods (August), these curated performances[4] are always interactive, bringing both kids and adults to their feet. From music and dance to puppetry and storytelling, get ready for a summer of live, in-person entertainment:

July 20, 2021
Hosted at the Filene Center

Inez Barlatier[5]
Ayiti: Stories and Songs from Haiti[6]

Miami native Inez Barlatier is a multifaceted performer of Ayisyen (Haitian) descent. In Ayiti, Stories, and Songs from Haiti, Barlatier celebrates Haitian art and culture through energetic drumming and singing, magical folktales, traditional dances, and colorful costumes. Joined on stage by her band of talented young Ayisyen artists, Inez explores themes of community and gratitude through song. She leads children on a journey to a land rich with history that has often been overlooked.

July 21, 2021
Hosted at the Filene Center

Oran Etkin: Timbalooloo[7]
Finding Friends Far From Home[8]

Award-winning clarinetist Oran Etkin and his friend Clara Net (his clarinet) travel the world to make new instrument friends. Evoking a tale of friendship and understanding, the instruments speak to each other through music and open a window for audiences to soulfully and respectfully experience other cultures.

July 24, 2021
Hosted at the Filene Center

Dan + Claudia Zanes with Friends
New Beginnings

Grammy Award-winner Dan Zanes (The Del Fuegos) and Haitian-American jazz vocalist and music therapist Claudia Zanes perform a mix of old and new songs from near and far. The selections are drawn from Dan’s House Party songbook and their upcoming release. During this highly interactive show, the audience is invited to dance and sing along.

July 27, 2021
Hosted at the Filene Center

Joanie Leeds
All the Ladies

Aiming to inspire young girls and people of all ages and gender identities, Grammy Award-winner Joanie Leeds’ music celebrates influential women of yesterday and today, such as Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with a passionate and honest serving of female empowerment folk tunes.

July 28, 2021
Hosted at the Filene Center

Elena Moon Park & Friends[9]

Join Korean-American musician Elena Moon Park and her friends on a journey around the globe through song! Elena Moon Park and Friends perform folk and children’s music from East and Southeast Asia. Reimagined to celebrate musical traditions, languages, styles, and stories, plus original songs, the tunes range from northern Japanese sea shanties to Tibetan jump rope rhymes; joyous Korean harvest sing-alongs; Taiwanese train songs; and much more. Expect to dance and sing along in many different languages and take this “unhurried journey” around the globe!

July 31, 2021
Hosted at the Filene Center

Maryland Youth Ballet
Snow White

The classic tale of Snow White is performed by Maryland Youth Ballet’s summer festival students and is accompanied by the company’s accomplished pre-professional dancers. Cheer on Snow White as she leaps from the castle and twirls through the forest, finding courage, joy, and friendship along the way.

Aug 3, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

Collision of Rhythm[10]

Collision of Rhythm delivers a high-energy, impactful performance full of innovative musical feats, spontaneous audience interaction, and tons of laughter and excitement! Their non-stop cavalcade of percussion, tap dancing, vocal percussion, piano, marimba, juggling, and singing is guaranteed to have audiences leaving with a smile on their face and a newfound bounce in their step!

Aug 4, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

Yogapalooza with Bari Koral[11]

You’ve seen her popular videos on YouTube. Now, see her in person! Beloved family music and yoga artist Bari Koral leads this highly interactive concert that blends imaginative songs, yoga poses, and dance breaks that families can enjoy together. This is the most fun you can have doing yoga, guaranteed. No experience required!.

Aug 7, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

Danny Weinkauf and his Red Pants Band[12]
Dinosaurs and Metaphors[13]

Longtime bassist for They Might Be Giants, Danny Weinkauf, along with his award-winning Red Pants Band, brings rollicking, family-friendly tunes to Wolf Trap. This performance is guaranteed to get kids dancing and singing along to clever songs from his new albums, ranging from “Dinosaurs on Roller Skates” to “Your Love is a Metaphor.”

Aug 10, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

Pierce Freelon[14]

The joyful music of Pierce Freelon blends hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and soul. Freelon’s modern, dynamic sound is inspired by his journey as a millennial dad and is carefully crafted for families of today and tomorrow. Through honest and playful lyrics, rich melodies, and fresh beats, he shares his story while welcoming kids and adults to his world.

Aug 11, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

FLY DANCE COMPANY: The Gentlemen of Hip Hop[15]
The Healthy Hip Hop Show[16]

FLY offers fun, fast-action, educational shows that deliver entertainment, knowledge, and important social messages to school-aged audiences. With their clever choreography and acrobatic movements, FLY’s theatrical hip-hop dance combines classical music and street dance into a show that is pure fun.

Aug 14, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

Sonia De Los Santos and The Okee Dokee Brothers[17]
Somos Amigos: Songs on Common Ground[18]

Friendship is at the heart of this joyful collaboration between Mexican songstress Sonia De Los Santos and the Americana folk duo, The Okee Dokee Brothers. This bilingual program includes both old and new songs that span the musical traditions of North America and illustrates the collective power of singing together and learning from each other. With an adventurous spirit and a common vision of peace and understanding, Somos Amigos encourages young and old to explore, dance, sing, and laugh together hand-in-hand.

Aug 17, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

123 Andrés[19]

Latin Grammy winners and Washington, D.C. favorites 123 Andrés brings a special show packed with energy and positive vibes: Actívate! This full-band show features a fun mix of Spanish and English songs for little language learners and brings the spirit of música, energía, familia, y comunidad that will encourage children and adults alike to dance and sing along.

Aug 18, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

Soul In Motion[21]

This high-energy performance features dances, rhythms, and folklore songs inspired by traditional cultures in Senegal, Guinea, Brazil, and Cuba. Soul In Motion introduces audiences to a wide range of percussive instruments from around the world, including djembes, djundjuns, shekeres, panderas, cowbells, and congas. Be prepared to take a trip around the globe as Soul In Motion becomes your entertainment tour guide to the vast array of culturally diverse traditions of dance and rhythm!

Aug 21, 2021
Hosted at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods

Falu’s Bazaar[24]

Join the Grammy-nominated Falu and her incredible band on a musical journey through South Asia and around the globe, celebrating the instruments, languages, sights, and humanity of a diverse world. Falu’s Bazaar teaches South Asian culture through a spirited presentation to today’s youth in three languages: English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

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Multiple locations within Wolf Trap National Park[26] | Vienna, VA (Map[27])

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Important Disclaimer: This opportunity is curated from a public source and subject to changes and/or cancelations that might not be reflected above. Always call to confirm before participating.

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