Calendar Exclusions

We love sharing events and opportunities with our readers on our community calendar! However, to maintain the spirit and purpose of our calendar, we can’t accept all items.

The items we will not accept include, but are not limited to:

Certain Camps & Classes
Opportunities that require consecutive attendance (like a multi-day camp or class). If it does, send us a message to learn about other ways to share your opportunity.

Events Without a Link
Events that do not have a link to the actual event (with dates/times). Need help making a weblink for your event? Just ask!

Events Without an Address
We won’t include events that have a private address (or an address that readers need to request upon registration/RSVP)

• Fundraising or spirit nights.
• House of worship services.
• Date-specific sales and/or discounts that do not accompany an event, including multi-level marketing or direct sale businesses.

If you send us an event that doesn’t meet our standards, you will NOT receive a notification. Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us.