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Get ready to have your best summer ever! Only The St. James offers 450,000 square feet of space to play and be a kid! Whether it’s in their Ultimate Sports Camp, Adventure & Gaming Camp, or Sports Specialty Camps, kids will love the variety of activities (and air conditioning!) that only The St. James can provide. Plus, they offer add-ons, including before & after care, lunch, field trips, and transportation to make your life easier.

Click here to see all their camps, or check out a summary of their summer 2023 opportunities below:

Ultimate Sports Camps
Ages 6-15

All sports, all day. Why play one game when you can have them all? Your little all-stars will be fans of this perfect playbook featuring scores of sports from the hardwood to the turf and the water to the ice. With games galore, your kids can try their hand (and foot) at a little bit of everything.


Adventure & Gaming Camps
Ages 6-15

From Ninja Warrior to Virtual Reality, your kids’ fitness and digital needs merge in a magical place where games meet gaming. Your little ones can scale climbing walls and build their own in VR, mashing up a perfect blend of fun in The St. James’ Active Entertainment Center.


iCode STEM Camps
Ages 6-14

iCode STEM Summer Camps offer engaging and interactive learning experiences for children interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, helping them develop crucial skills and knowledge in a fun and supportive environment.


Specialty Sports Camps
Ages 4-17

They’ll pick up 101 fundamentals or master their skills with The St. James’ sports-specific camps lasering in on one game that’ll give them the winning combo of top coaching and close teamwork. Whether they’re cross-checking, set-spiking, cradle-rocking, pirouetting, freestyling, pinch-hitting, racquet-smashing, or dime-dropping, they’ll be season-ready:

Baseball & Softball

Baseball & Softball Camp
Ages 6-13


Basketball Camp
Ages 6-15

Quinn Cook Basketball Camp
Ages 6-15

Dance & Gymnastics

Dance, Gymnastics, & Skating Camp
Ages 6-15

Dance & Gymnastics Camp
Ages 6-15

Wizards Dance Camp
Ages 9-17


Flag Football Camp
Ages 9-15

Washington Commanders Flag Football Camp
Ages 6-13 & 9-15


Golf Camp
Ages 6-15


Learn to Play Hockey Camp
Ages 4-12

Girls Hockey Camp
Ages 4-17

Goalie Hockey Camp
Ages 4-17

Travel Training Hockey Camp
Ages 6-15

Hockey Camp
Ages 6-15

Defense Hockey Camp
Ages 7-17

Offense Hockey Camp
Ages 7-17


Jr. Boys Lacrosse Camp
Ages 6-11

Jr. Girls Lacrosse Camp
Ages 6-11

Boys Lacrosse Camp
Ages 12-15

Girls Lacrosse Camp
Ages 12-15


Jr. Soccer Camp
Ages 6-8

Soccer Camp
Ages 9-15


Squash Camp
Ages 6-15


Swimming Camp
Ages 6-15


Volleyball Camp
Ages 6-15


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