Van Gogh, an Immersive Experience

Discover one of the most celebrated artists in history — Vincent Van Gogh — through the lens of mesmerizing modern technology!

Beginning August 9, 2023, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience (powered by Fever), gives your family the opportunity to step inside the vibrant, emotional art of Van Gogh like never before. Powered by cutting-edge projection technology and accompanied by a stunning musical score, this event transforms the traditional art exhibition into a captivating, immersive journey that brings Van Gogh’s masterpieces to life.

Check out these images from cities across the globe:

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As you wander through the exhibit, you’ll be enveloped by massive, floor-to-ceiling projections of Van Gogh’s most iconic works, like “Starry Night,” “Sunflowers,” and “The Bedroom.” The high-resolution imagery and exquisite details will make you feel as if you are stepping right into the paintings.

Did You Know?
Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night was created in an asylum, where he was diagnosed with “acute mania with generalized delirium”…

For the younger ones, this immersive experience is a chance to see art in a new, exciting way that goes beyond the confines of a picture frame. They can learn about the artist’s life, his vibrant color palette, and his distinctive brushwork. This interactive approach is a great way to inspire a love of art in children and engage their imaginations.

Did You Know?
Vincent van Gogh was only 37 when he died; the circumstances of his death are still debated to this day…

What sets this digital opportunity apart is that it not only allows you to observe Van Gogh’s art but also to truly experience it — to see the world through Van Gogh’s eyes and feel the emotion behind each brushstroke. Plus, the accompanying music enhances the overall ambiance, deepening the emotional connection to the artwork.

Did You Know?
Vincent van Gogh painted almost 900 paintings in 10 years…

This immersive experience is much more than an art show — it’s an unforgettable journey into the heart of Van Gogh’s genius. It promises to be a memorable outing for families, combining education, culture, and fun in a truly unique way.


Beginning Aug 9, 2023

Rhode Island Center • Washington, DC (Map)


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