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We already know Virginia is for lovers, and that means book lovers, too! From picture books to educational treasures, now’s a great time to support our local DMV talent:

Craig Bradley
Author Craig Bradley, who calls Vienna, VA, home with his wife and two sons, is the man behind adventurer Peter Polo — the imagined younger brother to the legendary Marco Polo! Intrigued by the tales of Marco Polo as a child, Craig often imagined what it might have been like to be Marco’s younger brother — and so his character Peter Polo was born!

Craig is an avid hiker who often chronicles his adventures for his family and friends. He has lived and traveled extensively throughout Asia and continues to travel whenever possible. In Craig’s two books, you’ll see how his background and imagination inspired a world of adventure, including:

Peter Polo and the Snow Beast of Hunza
Peter Polo has been waiting his whole life for this: The Great Khan has sent him on a dangerous quest to the far-off valley of Hunza. Peter finally has a chance to step out of his famous brother’s shadow and into the light of his own adventure. But the path to greatness is treacherous. Someone (or something) is causing the sacred snow leopards to disappear, and the people of Hunza fear the return of a legendary monster known as the Snow Beast. It’s going to take great courage for Peter and his friends to uncover the truth and save the people of Hunza… before it’s too late.

Peter Polo and the White Elephant of Lan Xang (available for pre-order)
Peter Polo is off on another thrilling mission for the Great Khan! This time, Peter and his friends travel across the rivers, mountains, and cities of ancient China to the kingdom of Lan Xang to try and stop a war over a rare white elephant. According to legend, whoever possesses the elephant will rule over all the Tai people, and the sinister King Naja, ruler of neighboring Lan Na, will stop at nothing to steal it.