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We already know Virginia is for lovers, and that means book lovers too! From picture books to educational treasures, now’s a great time to support our local DMV talent!

Gary Gekhman | Northern Virginia
Gary Gekhman has been in love with dancing since he was 6-years-old! His passion has led him to win multiple dance competitions and be featured on both Dancing with the Stars and American Dance Challenge, all while sharing his love of dance with children and adults.

As the owner of Tysons Ballroom & Dancesport Center, Mr. Gekhman is also the proud author of Little Little Yura Loves to Dance, a book perfect for little dancers! Find this author’s book on Amazon:

Little Yura Loves to Dance
Little Yura loves to have fun and wants to be friends with everyone! His classmates at school are not always nice, but one day his friend gives a piece of advice…”Dance, it’s very good for you!”

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