Swim Lesson Anxiety? GSS Has Tips!

By Goldfish Swim School, Apr 2024

No matter how much your little swimmer loves the water, it’s not uncommon for them to be anxious before a swim lesson. Anxiety can come from uncertainty surrounding new experiences — but it is something that can be worked through!

While we know they’re excited, anxiety can overcome their eagerness, making it hard to join their friends or work up the courage to get into the water. By understanding the signs of anxiety and being prepared with coping skills and techniques, swimmers will surely gain confidence in the pool!

Starting at home, parents can help their children understand and work through anxious feelings. Here are some tips for helping them:

Encourage Deep Breaths
Deep breaths are like magic for calming anxious little ones during swim lessons. When your child feels nervous, simply guide them to take a deep breath through their nose and out through their mouth. This simple technique boosts oxygen to their brain, soothing their nerves and helping them feel more at ease in the water.

Understand & Validate Your Child’s Feelings
Instead of dismissing your child’s worries, acknowledge and validate them. Let them know that it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about swim lessons. Even the smallest kids can have big emotions! By helping your child recognize and accept their feelings, you’re giving them the support they need to manage their anxiety.

Stay Positive & Goal-Oriented
Swim lessons are all about helping your child become a confident and safer swimmer. Instead of dwelling on anxieties, let’s focus on the exciting goals ahead! Take time to mentally and physically prepare for the lessons, ensuring a calm and relaxed atmosphere. You can also boost their enthusiasm by talking about the friends they’ll meet and the new skills they’ll master in the water.

Stay Cool, Mom & Dad
Your child picks up on your vibes more than you might think, especially when it comes to nerve-wracking moments like swim lessons. Staying composed can work wonders in keeping your little swimmer calm, too! Plus, a bit of extra TLC and readiness can make all the difference. Get ahead by prepping your swim bag and setting out swimsuits in advance, ensuring a smoother experience.

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