Think Like a Lifeguard

By Goldfish Swim School, Feb 2024

The pool might have lifeguards, but we parents play a crucial role in keeping our kid’s water safe!

At Goldfish Swim School, the presence of professionally trained lifeguards vigilantly scanning the pool every 10 seconds is a testament to the importance of proactive safety measures. The “Lifeguard Mindset” is something Goldfish encourages parents to emulate — ensuring water safety above all else.

Here are a few tips to help foster a “Lifeguard Mindset” easy:

Prioritize Water Safety
A conversation with your children, no matter their age, about water safety is a critical first step. Something as simple as establishing basic safety rules with other adults and children will make a day at the pool safer.

Key rules include prohibiting running on the pool deck, wearing life jackets near water (even when not swimming), and ensuring adult supervision at all times (like above, even when the kids aren’t in the water).

Shine Bright!
Something fun and easy: choose brightly colored swimsuits for kids that enhance their visibility in the water. Avoid colors like blue, green, or white, which can blend into the aquatic background. Opt instead for vivid hues like pink, orange, and yellow to make children more noticeable.

Assign a Safer Swimmer Guard
Appointing an adult as a designated “Safer Swimmer Guard” is also an important step. Pick a time they need to stay alert and rotate to share the job. The “guard” should stay near young swimmers, be prepared to intervene if necessary, and remain focused on the children without distractions such as smartphones, conversations, or reading. Having a Safer Swimmer Guard who is CPR-certified is even better!

It’s important to remember that drownings can occur swiftly and silently, often without the dramatic cues portrayed in movies. Therefore, an attentive and undistracted Safer Swimmer Guard is essential.

Only Use Approved Swim Aides
While floaties and water wings are popular and affordable, they do not offer life-saving capabilities. Similarly, despite their bright colors and everyday use, puddle jumpers can position a child in a dangerous posture for drowning rather than a safe floating position. Parents should always opt for a properly fitting Coast Guard-approved life jacket, particularly in open waters or while on a boat.

Have Fun!
Now that you’ve tackled these important safety features, have fun! Check out these swim games to up the fun factor:

Water Balloon Toss
Form teams and take turns throwing water balloons back and forth. The big winner is the team that catches the most without breaking!

Bubble Tag
Grab your giant bubble wand and create a flurry of bubbles while the kiddos attempt to burst as many as possible before they touch the ground.

Treasure Hunt
Scatter bath toys around the pool for a fun-filled treasure hunt. The highest number of toys found wins!

Toy Push
Who can propel their toy across the pool first? Up the ante and repeat, but with no hands!

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