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The Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) is an award-winning K -12 math program that encourages students to ask “Why?” and not just “How?” It has three locations in Northern Virginia: Ashburn, Herndon, and Tysons Corner. Its programs include afterschool opportunities, summer camps and classes, and year-round enrichment and skill-building programs.

RSM uses rigorous mathematics study to develop students’ math fluency, intellect, and character. Their students are guided to think about mathematics logically and conceptually, building deep connections between concepts, all in an environment of their peers that keeps them consistently challenged! They invite you to learn more and schedule a free evaluation.

This summer, the Russian School of Mathematics invites your child to reinforce and learn new math skills. 2024 summer opportunities include:

Grade Level Prep

For the Honors level, an evaluation is required for non-RSM students.

KindergartenGrade 1 Grade 2
The courses employ RSM’s distinct methodology to assist students in enhancing their abstract thinking and reasoning skills. They ignite an early interest in mathematics through the exploration of numbers and their relationships, the study of geometric shapes, the practice of math language development, and the cultivation of problem-solving abilities.

Grade 3 Prep
This course enables rising 3rd graders to explore abstract concepts intuitively, fostering the development of reasoning skills and a foundation in mathematics. It covers number operations, problem-solving strategies, and geometry.

Grade 3 Honors Prep
This course continues the 2nd grade curriculum and prepares students for 3rd grade by expanding their understanding of core concepts.

Grade 4 Prep
RSM’s distinctive method helps rising 4th graders enhance their logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It includes advanced operations, mental calculation techniques, and complex problem-solving.

Grade 4 Honors Prep
As a follow-up to the 3rd grade curriculum, this course solidifies essential concepts and readies students for 4th grade.

Grade 5 Prep
This course, tailored for rising 5th graders, strengthens logic and reasoning. It focuses on mental calculation, signed numbers, fractions, and introductory algebra, with an emphasis on word problems.

Grade 5 Honors Prep
Building on the 4th grade course, this class reinforces crucial concepts and prepares students for 5th grade.

Middle & High School

For the Honors level, an evaluation is required for non-RSM students.

Pre-Algebra Preparation
Grade 6
This course, aimed at rising 6th graders, enhances students’ problem-solving abilities through diverse word problems often overlooked in standard curricula. Key topics include divisibility and expressions with fractions, as well as solving and modeling equations.

Pre-Algebra Prep Honors
Grade 6
A sequel to the 5th grade program, this course solidifies fundamental concepts learned during the year, preparing students for 6th grade.

Grades 6 & 7
Leveraging RSM’s methodology, this course preps students for the algebra readiness test, reinforcing crucial topics for academic success and improving test-taking skills through practice exams and teacher-led error analysis.

Algebra I Preparation
Grade 7
Tailored for upcoming 7th graders, the course delves into pre-algebra essentials needed for Algebra I, including ratios, proportions, percentages, and basic algebraic concepts. It emphasizes solving word problems and equation modeling, areas often neglected in traditional education.

Algebra I Prep Honors
Grade 7
This course continues the 6th grade curriculum and reinforces key concepts from the past year to prepare students for 7th grade.

Algebra II Preparation
Grade 8
This course, recommended for 8th graders, covers Algebra I fundamentals such as polynomials, factoring, and various equations. It focuses on applying algebraic solutions to verbal problems.

Algebra II Prep Honors
Grade 8
An extension of the 7th grade curriculum, this course reviews and prepares students for 8th grade by reinforcing essential concepts.

Graph Theory
Grades 9 & 10
This introductory course offers insights into data collection, representation, distribution, analysis, and fundamental statistical methods, including sets, counting, and probability. Prerequisites include Algebra I or an evaluation.


Advanced Topics & Competitions 2
Grade 2
This program prepares second graders for competitions like Math Kangaroo, emphasizing fun, non-standard problems that require clever solutions. It’s ideal for students eager for math challenges and interested in unique questions.

Advanced Topics & Competitions 3
Grade 3
This program prepares third graders for national and international competitions such as Math Kangaroo. It offers fun with creative problem-solving and is suited for students passionate about math challenges and exploring unique questions.

Advanced Topics & Competitions 4
Grade 4
This program equips fourth graders for national and international math contests, including Math Kangaroo, through engaging, non-standard problems. It’s designed for students who seek math challenges and wish to investigate unconventional questions.

Advanced Topics & Competitions 5
Grade 5
This program prepares fifth graders for Math Kangaroo and MOEMS E by focusing on combinatorics, word and logic problems, critical thinking, and creativity. It also includes mental math development and in-class competitions that mimic real contest conditions.

Advanced Topics & Competitions 6
Grade 6
This unit prepares sixth graders for Math Kangaroo and MOEMS E, emphasizing combinatorics, number theory, and geometric problem-solving. It also encourages critical thinking and mental math skills through active learning and timed challenges.

Advanced Topics & Competitions 7 (AMC 8 Prep)
Grade 7
This six-week course is for seventh graders who aim to excel in AMC-8 and other math contests. It focuses on combinatorics, number theory, and geometry and features in-class competitions and team games to enhance engagement and problem-solving skills.

Advanced Topics & Competitions 8 (AMC 8 Prep)
Grade 8
This is a six-week course for eighth graders targeting AMC-8 and similar competitions. It concentrates on number theory, combinatorics, and geometry. It includes real competition problems and math experiments, suitable for self-motivated students.


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