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The Herndon Parks & Recreation Department always has something exciting going on! Committed to enriching the lives of its residents, the Herndon Parks & Recreation Department oversees multiple facilities, which offer plenty of parks, activities, and opportunities for children and adults of all ages. Plus, don’t forget about their summer camps!

See the full 2022 Summer Camp Brochure here.

Camps are open to the public and offer various interests and scheduling options; summer 2022 opportunities include:

Herndon Odyssey | Ages 6-11
Kids will make memories and friends that last a lifetime at Herndon Odyssey. Every day at camp brings a new adventure through a variety of programs such as crafts, free play, sports and games, team-building activities, and field trips. Learn more and register.

Teen Discovery | Ages 12-15
Teen Discovery gives teens the chance to spend a week with friends while traveling to their favorite summer destinations! Each day promises a new adventure to different locations through field trips, games, and activities. Learn more and register.

Tennis Camps | Ages 7-13
Tennis Camps are a great way for kids to spend their summer outdoors learning tennis and having fun! Camp will feature on- and off-court instruction, warm-ups, and conditioning. Learn more and register.

Dance Camps
Aspiring dancers of all ages are invited to creative movement camps, boasting engaging themes:

Create With Me: I Love Animals! | Ages 4-6
Calling all animal-lovers — enjoy a fun-filled week of creative movement and imagination! Learn more and register.

Create With Me: Superhero Dance Camp | Ages 5-8
Is your little one ready to save the world? If so, this camp is packed with dance techniques based on jazz, Broadway flair, and creative movement. Learn more and register.

Storybook Dance & Drama Camp: Twisted Tales | Ages 8-12
Campers will explore different perspectives in this twisty camp while working on jazz, hip-hop, and introductory drama skills! Learn more and register.

Storybook Dance Camp | Ages 5-8
Campers will experience the fun of their favorite Disney musical characters, including Frozen, Aladdin, or The Lion King! Learn more and register.

Create With Me: Ahoy Mateys | Ages 5-8
If it’s a pirate’s life is for your little one, they’re invited to a week of exploring hip-hop dance moves, Broadway flair, and creative movement, along with sunken treasure! Learn more and register.

Storybook Ballet Camp: Fancy Nancy | Ages 4-6
Does your aspiring dancer love all things fancy? If so, they’re invited to a week of ballet and creative movement based around the beloved redhead. Learn more and register.

Storybook Ballet Camp: Dancing Princess | Ages 5-8
Campers will enjoy make-believe fun where they all get to be princesses or princes at the ballet barre! Learn more and register.

Camp Explore
Campers will explore nature through hands-on activities and outdoor learning, utilizing senses to discover joy and appreciation for the outdoors:

No Backbone, No Worry | Ages 5-8
Campers will learn what insects, spiders, snails, and centipedes have in common. Learn more and register.

Branching Out | Ages 5-8
Campers will live among the trees and learn things like, What is a sapling? and How do trees help everyone breathe and live longer lives? and more! Learn more and register.

Hip-Hop Habitat | Ages 5-8
Can your camper make themself invisible? They’ll think like an animal at this camp and learn to hide in plain sight! Learn more and register.

Magnificent Mammals | Ages 5-8
In this special camp, campers will learn things like, What changes have animals made to survive? Do mammals live in a burrow? and more! Learn more and register.

Wing It | Ages 5-8
At Wing it, kids will learn things like, Do woodpeckers get concussions? What is the largest, fastest, strongest bird on the planet? and more! Learn more and register.

Water World | Ages 5-8
Enjoy all-things-water! Campers will experiment with sand and water and see which creatures need water to survive. Learn more and register.

Weather Wonders | Ages 5-8
Campers will explore the mystery of Earth’s weather, including lightning, tornadoes, and thunderstorms! Learn more and register.

Ecology | Ages 5-8
In this special camp, campers will learn things like, How can a single tree support many animals at Runnymede Park? What part do people play in order to protect and support the wildlife near homes and parks? and more! Learn more and register.

Camp Imagination
Curious kids are invited to enjoy a week of imagination and fun at these themed camps:

Fossils & Earth History | Ages 7-10
Campers will learn about the history of the world and all about what used to live on Earth. Learn more and register.

Have Some Backbone | Ages 7-10
Campers will learn the answers to questions like, What is a vertebrate? What animals are considered vertebrates? and more! Learn more and register.

Force & Motion | Ages 7-10
Campers will enjoy introductory physics lessons and experiments and answer questions like, How and why do things move? Learn more and register.

Chemistry Galore | Ages 7-10
Campers are invited to a week of learning how the world around them works and experiments to go along. Learn more and register.

Earth & Space Science | Ages 7-10
Campers will learn all about the planets and other solar bodies in the solar system. Learn more and register.

Life Science | Ages 7-10
Campers are invited to explore all-things-bugs, plants, and birds! Learn more and register.

Science Rocks! | Ages 7-10
Campers will learn all about the different types of rocks found on earth and where they come from. Learn more and register.

Atmospheric Science | Ages 7-10
Campers will learn the answers to questions like, What makes different kinds of weather happen? What’s the atmosphere made of? and more! Learn more and register.

Counselor-In-Training (CIT) | Ages 13-16
The program offers participants an opportunity to learn how to plan, teach, and execute youth programs and activities. CITs will work in camp units and shadow counselors while developing these skills. Learn more and register.


• Ages 4-16
• Week-Long, Half & Full-Day


• (703) 787-7300
• Website | Summer Camps
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
• Locations in and around the Town of Herndon
• Fairfax County

Disclaimer: Events and opportunities on this site are curated from public sources and subject to changes/cancelations that might not be reflected in DullesMoms.com’s content.

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