Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

I have a small kitchen and no budget for a bump-out or addition. How do you suggest I make the most of my space? Can a remodel really help me?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

The industry describes a 10 x 10 footprint as a standard-sized kitchen, so anything smaller is defined as “small.” Whether or not your kitchen is small or just right, Moss Building and Design is a great partner to help you maximize storage and to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Plan Ahead. The most essential step in redesigning any kitchen is to plan ahead. This is especially important for a smaller kitchen because there is little room to spare. A small kitchen’s layout should prioritize food prep over entertaining. A well-designed floor plan will optimize every inch available in the cabinets, on the counter, and along the walls.

Ideally, the length of a “work zone” in a kitchen is a maximum of eight feet, with three feet between opposing countertops. This is one of the reasons the work triangle works so well in smaller kitchens, including both the galley kitchen and U-shape layout. If a peninsula or stationary island is not in the plan, don’t desert the island concept. Instead, make the additional workspace movable with a rolling cart or butcher block.

Here are some additional tips:

• Choose the right size appliances for your space, so they don’t stick out
• Recede the refrigerator into the wall
• Hide appliances behind built-in, integrated, or overlay cabinets
• Raise appliances and cabinets off the kitchen floor to create the illusion of a higher space
• Use vertical storage and run floor tiles or boards lengthwise to create the look of a longer room
• Extend cabinets to the ceiling for increased storage
• Accessorize with space-saving organization solutions like knife drawers, spice cabinets, plate organizers, and hidden trash bins
• Choose light colors for the walls, countertop, and cabinets
• Brighten the inside of the cabinets with recessed lighting and/or glass doors for a more airy, open fee

Moss Building and Design can help you design stylish, smart solutions for your dream kitchen. Contact moss by phone at (703) 961-7707 or by email.

— Moss Building & Design

Moss Building & DesignMoss-200-x-200 is the top home remodeling company in Northern Virginia that has established a reputation for excellence in remodeling additions, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements and providing home services for homeowners. With a strong focus on community, Moss Building and Design encourages a hands-on approach to home improvement with an emphasis on education. Their ‘Girls Night Out’ HandyMOM101 events offer DIY workshops covering projects like tiling, power drills, caulking, and patching drywall.

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