Museum of Failure

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The Museum of Failure is a unique traveling exhibit that’s found its way to the DMV!

Now open, the Museum of Failure beautifully underscores the idea that mistakes are a part of life and that these missteps can pave the way for monumental successes.

By showcasing more than 150 products and services from renowned companies like Apple and Heinz, the exhibition highlights some of the most surprising flops in the business world. Yet, these are not mere failures — they are stepping stones that have led to groundbreaking inventions and set the stage for future innovations!

Curated by Samuel West, a clinical psychologist with expertise in organizational science, the Museum of Failure delves into the intriguing world of innovation, drawing attention to the fact that even major corporations with vast resources can occasionally misstep.

However, these blunders serve as vital learning experiences. Through a diverse collection that includes items like the Colgate Lasagna, Casio’s miniature color TV, and the ill-fated New Coke, the museum invites visitors to gain both insightful and entertaining perspectives on the evolution of products over the years, from the 17th century right up to contemporary times.

Advanced timed-ticket purchase is recommended, as on-site availability might be limited.


Sept 7, 2023-TBA

Georgetown Park • Wash, DC (Map)


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