The Children’s Garden @ the US Botanic Garden

By DullesMoms, Feb 2023

Located on the National Mall, minutes from the US Capitol, the United States Botanic Garden is a family-friendly museum steeped in history! As one of the oldest Botanic Gardens in the US (established by Congress in 1820), this landmark emphasizes the crucial role plants play in the ecosystem. Visitors can explore living exhibits, including 12,000 accessions, which equates to about 65,000 plants!

The Botanic Garden is great for young visitors, too! Kids are invited to see what’s in bloom, dig, plant, water, touch, and smell the plants in the Children’s Garden, featuring:

Discovery Platforms
Kids can enjoy a series of terraced platforms that create a climbing structure, with overhead arching aluminum posts mimicking the architectural style of the Conservatory. Interactive panels on the platforms demonstrate the diversity and usefulness of plants.

Throughout the garden, children will enjoy watering and planting stations with child-sized digging tools and watering cans. Look for containers of plants near the tools that children can plant themselves!

Kid-Sized Plants
Children are invited to keep their eyes open for small-sized fruiting plants such as bananas, apples, and figs.

Keep Cool
The Children’s Garden boasts motion-activated misting poles.

This special tunnel, supported by a metal arbor, grows kiwifruit vines that enclose a tunnel large enough to walk through.

The Children’s Garden is open seasonally, from spring until fall.


United States Botanic Garden • Wash, DC (Map)

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