Will My Orthodontic Experience Be the Same as My Teen’s?

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Dear Dr. Barakat,

My daughter’s Orthodontist offered to give me a quick consultation, now that we are wrapping up her treatment. I would love to improve my smile, but I am curious about how treatment as an adult will be compared to my teen daughter’s experience.

– Concerned Parent

Dear Concerned Parent,

The good news is that teeth can be moved at any age — there is no time limit on improving your smile.

Teeth move in response to pressure placed on them, and for the most part, adult and teen treatment are the same.

However, there are some differences which relate mostly to growth. In a non-growing patient with more dense and mature bone, certain movements take longer. Other factors that affect outcomes are medications, habits (such as smoking, clenching, or grinding), and dental history (such as missing teeth, gum disease, or dental restorations like fillings or crowns).

The great news is that teeth that are restored with fillings or crowns can be moved the same as natural teeth. If needed, your Orthodontist can work closely with your general dentist and other dental specialists in order to achieve your goals.

Increasingly, more Orthodontic patients are adults. With the advancement in technology such as intraoral scanning and Invisalign, adults now have more options than ever for orthodontics to easily fit into their lifestyle. Properly aligned teeth allow for better oral hygiene, less traumatic dental wear, and of course, more confidence!

If you are considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, go for it! You will enjoy the rewards for many years to come.

Did you know Barakat Orthodontics offers complimentary consultations? Schedule yours today online or by calling/texting (703) 433-9330.

– Dr. Barakat


Dr. Rana Barakat, a board-certified specialist in Orthodontics, has been proudly serving Northern Virginia for more than 20-years! She has built her practice on a personal touch and excellent treatment.

As a parent, she understands wanting the best for your children in giving them beautiful, confident smiles. She makes it a priority to ensure optimal results, but also believes that each patient’s experience during treatment is just as important as the clinical result. As the 2015-16 President of the Virginia Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Barakat’s dedication and expertise reflect why her peers continue to nominate her as a Top Dentist.

Barakat Orthodontics is located at 45745 Nokes Blvd., Ste. 175, Sterling, VA 20166. Connect with them by clicking: Online, Facebook, Twitter, and calling: (703) 433-9330.

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