12+ Free Online Art Generators for Kids (& Parents, Too!)

By DullesMoms, June 2017

Let your kids get creative without the mess! Check out these free online art generators (no downloads required) where kids can explore and create many different types of art!

Weave Silk
Wow! A flick of your mouse creates a beautiful, flowing, silk pattern!

Sesame Street Art Maker
More than online drawing, painting, and more — get creative and make a pizza or decorate a birthday cake, too!

Scrap Coloring
More than a site that allows you to color images — kids can color with dozens and dozens of patterns!

Draw A Stick Man
A seriously cool site where even the youngest child can draw a stick man and watch the stick man come to life in an interactive episode they choose.

Build Your Wild Self
The New York Zoo and Aquarium have a fun site where kids can digitally create a human and add insect, animal, and reptile characteristics!

This is Sand
Definitely for older children, this took me a minute and few clicks to figure out. But, once I did it quickly became a favorite. Kids can create sandscapes by piling different color sand in whatever pattern they choose.

An easy-to-use site, kids can draw, paint, color, or stamp on a virtual canvas with a few easy clicks.

Color With Leo
Explore color mixing, portrait fun, drawing, and more with a young Leonardo da Vinci.

Toy Theatre
Toy Theatre allows you to choose from 40+ art generators, including some really cool snowflake generators, animations, mirror art, and more!

A click here and a click there creates moving art!

Curious Corner
Curious Corner, a children’s educational site by the Art Institute of Chicago, offers storytimes, match-up games, and a play with art section. Children create portraits, Cornell Boxes, and masks.

Flaming Text
Make a logo, or decorate your name, this digital art maker is intuitive and appeals to all ages!

Family Echo
What a cool way to build a family tree! Kids will better understand how everyone connects in this built-by-me interactive generator!

Word Cloud Generator
This cool word cloud art generator enables you to create amazing pieces of art unique to you!

Make Beliefs Comix
After a few clicks, you’ll be creating your own drag-and-drop comic strips!

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