Springtime Home Projects?

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

What kinds of home projects should I be working on in the springtime?

Dear Dulles Mom,

Spring is finally here, and now is the perfect time to make the updates to your home that you’ve been putting off since the winter. Here are three common projects that we find homeowners come to Moss Building & Design for in the springtime.

Exterior Paint/Fix-Ups
After the winter storms, your home may look a little worn and weathered. An upswing in exterior paint jobs comes along with Spring, and with good reason — having gotten over the winter slump and warmer weather on the horizon, homeowners want to give their home a fresh look. Need ideas? Get inspired with these exterior paint ideas from HGTV.

Repair Your Deck
Dry rot is a common occurrence in wooden decks caused by microorganisms that remove cellulose from the timber, leaving it brittle. If you think your deck may have dry rot, act fast — dry rot can easily spread, and this fungus is often called the “cancer” of homes. Make sure to check the underside of your deck, where the fungus will thrive in humid, dark places. Moss Building & Design can help repair your deck by getting rid of dry rot and ensuring your deck is secure. Check out our blog: 3 Simple Ways to Revamp Your Deck for more changes you can make this spring.

Spring Cleaning & Organization
While homeowners don’t necessarily come to us for cleaning tips, Moss Building & Design can play a part in re-organizing the spaces they are in the most. For instance, mudroom and laundry room renovations are a big inquiry during this time. With spring cleaning on the brain, customers focus on increasing their organization throughout the home, and these spaces are a great place to start.

Still, if you’re mainly interested in spring cleaning tips, we have that covered too! In her first blog, newest Community Relations member Zaiba Hasan goes over her spring cleaning checklist, easy tricks to declutter, and DIY cleaning solutions.

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