Kids’ Farm @ the National Zoo

By DullesMoms, May 2023

The National Zoo, a beloved Smithsonian destination in Washington, DC, is home to a unique permanent exhibit called the Kids’ Farm, where children not only see animals but interact with them, too!

Serving as a hands-on educational experience specially tailored for youngsters ages 3-8, the Kids’ Farm allows many children their first personal encounter with undomesticated animals while simultaneously educating them about the origins of food. The farm’s residents aren’t just any animals—they each have their own individual personalities and their own stories!

You’ll find four hens named Arya, Ygritte, Zelda, and Midna among the Kids’ Farm gang of feathered ladies.

Miniature Donkeys
The Kids’ Farm is home to four miniature Mediterranean donkeys named George, Pat, Flash, and Giuseppe.

Orion and Cirrus, the two male alpacas known for their goofy smiles and thick woolen coats, also live at the Kids’ Farm.

The Kids’ Farm is always proud to introduce their moo-tiful cows, a Herefore named Willow and a Holstein named Magnolia.

Last but not least are the Nigerian dwarf goats, Fiesta and Fedora, both born on the same April day in 2015!

More than just looking at the animals, kids are encouraged to interact, too! At the farm’s Caring Corral, under the supervision of dedicated keepers during select times, kids can groom an animal! Even better? These interactions don’t just benefit the children, they also serve as living enrichment for the animals. This enrichment — ranging from social encounters and training sessions to introducing various toys, sounds, and smells — motivates the animals to express their natural behaviors in novel ways.

As you make your way through this unique rural opportunity in the middle of the city, keep in mind that when your little one pats a cow’s head or brushes a miniature donkey, it’s more than just an interaction — it’s a loving exchange that enriches both human and animal lives!

The National Zoo is open year-round, and reaffirming its mission of providing an enriching and accessible experience for all, it’s free! However, free entry passes are required.


National Zoo • Wash, DC


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