Program for the Exceptionally Gifted @ Mary Baldwin University

By DullesMoms, Oct 2023

The Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) at Mary Baldwin University offers an immersive academic experience tailored for intellectually outstanding young girls, starting at 13!

Participants in the program, joining a vibrant peer group of like-minded learners, reside in a supervised, boarding-school-type environment, with the support provided by a team with expertise in gifted education. These girls embark on an educational journey that not only allows them to earn a four-year college degree but also provides a head start toward graduate school. Opportunities to work closely with professors, engage in special field trips and social events, and even study abroad showcase the enriching experiences available to PEG students at MBU.

Located in Staunton, VA, this residential program affords gifted young women a unique chance to pursue a four-year college degree while being immersed in an environment reminiscent of a boarding school. The PEG participants, ready and able to excel in college-level courses, collaborate closely with professors on intriguing and demanding projects.

The program ensures a supportive and safe environment, complete with a dedicated, all-female residence hall. A staff adept in exceptional education is at-the-ready to cater to both the educational and emotional needs of the students, ensuring they also enjoy the full MBU experience. This includes personal attention, leadership opportunities within the Student Government Association, participation in campus clubs, and engagement in athletics.

Fostering a community that values appreciation over competition, PEG encourages its students to fully embrace their identities. A carefully considered balance is struck that nourishes young minds while simultaneously challenging them to achieve excellence. Social bonding is also highlighted, with ample time for conversations, forming connections, and enjoying fun with fellow gifted students through various activities like spa nights, mixers, and themed events such as “Embrace Your Nerd Day.”

Moreover, PEG extends affordable college education opportunities, with merit awards of up to $21,000 per year, need-based aid, and additional opportunities to explore study abroad programs and attend conferences. Donor-funded scholarships are also available, ensuring further avenues for academic and experiential exploration for the students.

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