Visit Today: Reclining Liberty

By DullesMoms, Aug 2023

Though considerably shorter than her towering inspiration, you can now find a 25-foot version of Lady Liberty in Arlington, VA!

See Zaq Landsberg’s “Reclining Liberty” on the Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington’s front lawn!

Landsberg, a distinctive artist celebrated for his thought-provoking sculptures and installations, is known for skillfully blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. His work often engages with themes of territory, statehood, and our relationship with built environments.

Reclining Liberty is a work of art that uniquely merges two cultural icons: the Reclining Buddha, often depicted in Buddhist art to illustrate a stage in Buddha’s journey towards enlightenment, and the Statue of Liberty, an emblematic American figure. The result is a striking 25-foot-long sculpture that reimagines the Statue of Liberty in a state of repose, inviting spectators to reflect on the principles embodied by this iconic symbol.

Despite its deceivingly languid pose, the sculpture is hefty in weight, coming in between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds, which adds to its imposing aura and the profound questions it inspires about liberty and enlightenment.

You’re invited to visit until July 28, 2024.

Get to know the Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington! Established in 1974, the Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington is a leading nonprofit visual arts institution. With its nine exhibition galleries, working studios for twelve resident artists, and three classrooms spread across 17,000 square feet, it stands as one of the most substantial non-federal showcases for contemporary art in the Washington metropolitan area.

The museum is devoted to enriching community life by connecting the public with contemporary art and artists. It accomplishes this through various exhibitions, educational programs, and artist residencies. Its vision is to be a premier center for contemporary art in the Mid-Atlantic region, advocating for the transformative power of art in public life.


Daily until July 28, 2024

Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington • Arlington, VA (Map)


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