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Dear Moss Building & Design,

School has started, and with the house a little emptier during the day, I’m hoping to get it somewhat organized. Any tips you can share?

Dear Dulles Mom,

We hear you! It seemed like summer went by really fast, and we pulled out the backpacks at the last minute to get the kids back to their normal schedule. But we can now step back, take a deep breath, and get some things in place to establish a relatively good routine for the entire household.

Some organization ideas include:

If you’ve got a mudroom entrance to your home, make sure all the family members know what sort of organizational system you’d like to maintain — cubbies/hooks for each person, a place for shoes to stay put overnight, etc. Athletic shoes can be in the same area or in a separate holding spot (cleats, high tops, etc., can be extra smelly, so outdoor or garage storage might be best).

If you don’t have a mudroom, consider a shoe rack in the garage or by the front door and a place for backpacks to go inside the house (bedrooms, backs of chairs, wherever homework is completed).

Pro Tip: Email Moss Building & Design if you’d like a free estimate for help in creating the mudroom of your dreams!

It goes without saying that the kitchen is the main thoroughfare of the home! Make sure that lunch boxes are cleaned out nightly and ready to be packed (either the night before or the morning of), reusable containers are washed, and, almost as importantly, make sure the fridge and pantry have plenty of easy-to-grab snacks, as well as breakfast and lunch items so that the kids can be self-sufficient, independent, and helpful.

Pro Tip: Take 10 minutes to wipe down your fridge during a quiet moment today. Mix 1/2 cup white vinegar with a gallon of warm water and wipe away the crumbs and spilled chocolate syrup (we speak from experience) that your fridge has accumulated over the past few months!

Kids = Laundry…and with actual clothes having to be worn to school this year (after a summer of swimsuits and t-shirts), you’ll need to be ready to tackle the pile(s)!

Have hampers for each member of your family, and make everyone help take the laundry to the washing machine on a designated day (or on each person’s designated day to spread out the work). Even better, empower the kids to start and switch their loads and then fold and put away their clothes. They’ll understand the process takes time, and it will help them feel responsible for their clothing — rather than throwing it on the floor and hoping the Laundry Fairy will scoop it up and magically take care of it!

No matter what steps you take to make things better, we wish you luck. It’s been a long time with lots of people in and around our homes, and while the pets might miss the quiet, take a few moments to relish it — and then implement some of these above-mentioned tips to make your life run smoother and with everyone pitching in!

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